You’ve Never Seen a Keno Board This Massive

Written by: Aaron Kim, Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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Worlds Biggest Keno Board

Keno stands out as a favorite among many players for various reasons. Typically, these include how easy it is to learn and jump into, but now there’s another HUGE reason to love the lottery title.

Here, we will be taking a look at the most remarkable Keno board on the planet. We will also see a bit of history about this thrilling casino game and what it took to get here. Get ready for some record-breaking excitement!

The D in Las Vegas Has the World’s Largest Keno Board

It is no secret that the people running the show at The D (downtown) in Las Vegas love to do things in a big way. That is why they decided to add the world’s largest Keno board to their many attractions in February 2017. It’s the size of a tennis court.

You can see the giant Keno board at The D in the world-famous Freemont Street in Las Vegas. Marvel at the live feed of lucky numbers above the escalator as each gets drawn inside the second-floor Keno lounge.

This unique feature at The D makes the game more popular, attractive, and exciting than it might otherwise be.

World's Largest Keno Board at The D in Las Vegas

Keno Boards Through Time

Keno is not a new casino game that is just becoming popular. People have enjoyed different variations for thousands of years. In fact, experts speculate that its first form began with the Han Dynasty in China about 3,000 years ago.

Let’s have a look at some more modern versions of this popular casino game that spawned throughout the years!

Palace Club Race Horse Keno Card and Instructions

Race-Horse Keno 

Lottery laws in Reno were quite prohibitive back in the 1930s. This situation leads bingo halls to institute race-horse Keno to avoid legal issues.

The Palace Club was the first venue to introduce this entertaining game on May 1, 1936, with horse names instead of numbers. Keno was played in this way for decades until states changed their laws.

H.P. Schafer Combination Keno Pool Board

H.P. Schafer Keno Pool Board

The H.P. Schafer Keno Pool Board is one of the most interesting and innovative ways people have ever played the game. This board features a total of 62 holes with a number, playing card, and baseball action assigned to it.

The Keno Pool board goes at the end of a billiard table. Players hit the pool balls and try to get them into the board’s holes.

Vintage Light Up Keno Board

Light-Up Manual Boards 

Light-up manual boards were all the rage in the 1990s. This style of playing Keno provided players with a clearer way to see the winning numbers.

Like bingo, an operator would draw physical balls from a cage and display them on a backlit board. It had eight rows with ten numbers for a total of all 80 Keno numbers. To the left, you’d see the recently drawn numbers.

Digital Carolina Keno Board On TV in Bar

Digital Keno Boards 

State Keno draws have gained tremendous momentum in recent years. Most bars and many restaurants in US states with legal lottery host drawings.

These live, state-sponsored, multi-player events happen several times per day. You pick your numbers or use a “quick draw” option for random selection. The results of each game come in over the internet and show up on a TV in real-time.

Online Keno Game Board Screenshot

Online Keno Boards

Single-player Keno games are available on computers and mobile phones. There are real money games at gambling sites and even free-play mobiles apps.

When you play Keno at an online casino, it’s just you and the software. You never have to wait on the next drawing. Pick your lucky numbers, press play, and hope you match enough to win.

Check Out an Online Keno Game for Free Right Here

See for yourself how an online Keno board reacts. The games are fast-paced, but sometimes your lucky numbers pay off!

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Can Anyone Take the Title from The D?

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There is no doubt that playing Keno for real money is tons of fun. If you are ever at The D, don’t miss its record-breaking board. Given Keno’s growing popularity, someone might want to dethrone them sooner than later. Maybe NASA could build a humongous display on the moon that we could all see from down here!

Whether that happens or not, Keno is worth your time at casinos in Vegas and online. Make sure to enjoy this top casino game soon!

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