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Roll the Dice Online Casino GameBased on a traditional Chinese dice game, Roll the Dice also known as Hoo Hey and Fish-Prawn-Crab. It is a game that you might have come across while at an online casino and have no idea what the game is all about. But our expert team at OUSC is here to explain to you everything there is to know about this online casino game and how you can earn a nice payout from it.

Roll Dice online is a game where bets are made on animated characters instead of on the outcome of numbers. The game has three dice and on each side of the dice, a character can be found. Roll Dice is a great way to try something new and you might soon find you have a new casino favorite.

Our exclusive guide will explain everything you need to know, so you can start playing Roll the Dice at top online casinos.

How to Play Roll the Dice

This simple dice game is easy to understand and play. The three dice include seven characters that players can wager on. This includes:

  • Coin
  • Fish
  • Prawn
  • Crab
  • Rooster
  • Triple
  • Calabash
Roll the Dice Board

To play you simply bet on the squares you like and roll the dice. If your character selection shows up on any of the three dice, you get paid. It’s that simple!

Play Roll the Dice in 5 Easy Steps

Follow the 5 easy steps to be on your way to playing Roll the Dice for real money at an online casino.

Find the game at your favorite online casino.
Click play and see the dice hidden under a virtual bowl, no longer visible to you.
Place a wager based on available limits, usually $1 to $500: betting options will be listed on the screen.
After you place your bet, the dice are rolled by clicking the bowl.
The dice will shake, and the results are shown, hopefully providing you with a win!

Best USA Online Casinos to Play Roll the Dice

Playing Roll the Dice is easy if you know where the game can be found. Below are a few online casinos we recommend where you can play the Roll Dice game for real money.


Bovada Casino

One option for enjoying Roll the Dice is Bovada. Open to gamers in the United States, Bovada offers Roll the Dice with wagering options of $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500. This online casino is a great choice as they offer the Roll Dice game for real money as well as a plethora of additional table games, slots, specialty games, live dealer and more.

  • Game: Table Games
  • Real Money Roll the Dice
  • Bonus: Up to $3,000
  • USA Players Accepted
#2 Casino

While this online casino does cater to slot game fans, players will also find a quality version of Roll the Dice. Easily play the game in practice play or for real money. Along with a large slots section and Roll the Dice, check out the table games, video poker, specialty options and more.

  • Game: Table Games
  • Real Money Roll the Dice
  • Bonus: Up to $3,000
  • USA Players Accepted

Cafe Casino

With a long list of promotions and a solid selection of games, Café Casino is one of most highly recommended casinos for online gameplay. Here, you will find Roll the Dice in practice and play mode as well as a long list of table games, slots and more. Easily try as many games as you like, taking advantage of the many bonus options on offer.

  • Game: Table Games
  • Real Money Roll the Dice
  • Bonus: Up to $1,500
  • USA Players Accepted


Quickly becoming a top choice for online casino players, Ignition is a great option for Roll Dice for real money gaming. Wager from $1 to $500, hopefully, earn in a profit by choosing the right characters on the dice. Along with Roll the Dice, players will find a solid selection of table games, slots and more.

  • Game: Table Games
  • Real Money Roll the Dice
  • Bonus: Up to $1,000
  • USA Players Accepted

Roll the Dice Rules

There are no set rules to the game of Roll the Dice. You simply choose your characters and place your bet, hoping to see the characters you selected appear on the screen. The game may be simple, but it can pay out handsomely. Learning the payouts can help you to know just how much you can win. In most games the payouts are as follows:

Roll the Dice Payout Table

One matching symbol1:1
Two matching symbols2:1
Three matching symbols3:1
Any triple30:1

Strategies to Playing Roll the Dice

Strategy to win at Roll the DiceThere are no set strategies for playing Roll the Dice. The Roll Dice game for real money can be played in two formats.

  • STRATEGY #1: Shake the dice yourself, simply hover the mouse over the bowl.
  • STRATEGY #2: Let the game shake the dice and do the work for you, it can shake the dice and does the work for you.

Some players like to shake the dice hard when the shaking is left up to them, while others prefer to shake gently. See what works for you and hope for that triple to earn the 30:1 payout!

Why You Should Play Roll the Dice

Roll Dice is a simple game online casino visitors can enjoy when looking for something new and profitable. The game is easy to understand and play, which makes it enticing. Roll Dice is recommended for beginner to intermediate players who enjoy dice games or want a quick break from reality, with the potential to earn cash prizes.

Give the game a try and roll the dice at the best US online casinos to hopefully see a return on your investment!

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