French Roulette

French Roulette is considered one of the most exotic forms of roulette. For those not familiar with French, making the announced bets of French Roulette can be a little intimidating. Before going into a brick-and-mortar casino, playing online or at a live casino with real dealers might help you better understand the game.

Benefits of Playing Online French Roulette:

  • An exciting casino game that offers new rules and gameplay.
  • This roulette version allows players to make announced bets in a more traditional manner.
  • French Roulette might help you increase your chances of winning with it’s lower house edge.

Read our complete French Roulette guide and learn how to play this fun roulette variant. Once you understand the rules and basic strategy tips, you should be ready to spin the wheel and win French Roulette at top online casinos.

Top Online Casinos to Play French Roulette

Recommended iconFrench Roulette is not offered as often in online casinos as European and American Roulette. It’s a shame because it’s the most entertaining way to enjoy roulette in my opinion, due to a large number of betting options.

If one doesn’t have a feature you like, or the game you want to play, move on to the next one on the list.

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Can You Play French Roulette in the US?

At this moment French roulette is only available at at a few sites. However, if you enjoy playing standard live dealer roulette, we recommend trying the following recommended US online casinos.

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French Roulette Rules and Bets

live dealer french rouletteMany of the standard wagers allowed in European Roulette are allowed in French Roulette. In many ways, this is an enhancement of the traditional game. Unless you’re fluent in French, it might take some getting used to the terminology below.

Keep reading to learn more about all the types of bets you can make while playing French Roulette.

Announced Bets in French Roulette

One distinction in French Roulette is the ability to make what are called “announced bets”. An announced bet is one in which you announce to the croupier that you’re making a type of wager by calling out voisins du zero, jeu zero, le tiers du cylindre, or some other announced bet. Then you immediately place your chips in the appropriate locations.

French Roulette is often referred to as “called bets”. This is not entirely accurate, because a called bet is one in which you announce to the table your intentions, but do not place chips. In many jurisdictions, this is considered playing on credit and therefore illegal. In the context of French Roulette, if you here the term called bet, you’ll know it’s referring to announced bets.

Placing Chips in French Roulette

Placing Chips in Live French RoulettePeople might wonder why some of the announced bets contain the exact numbers they do. For instance, while the “neighbors of zero” bet is an accurate term, the numbers do not straddle the zero equally, because nine numbers are on one side of the 0 and seven numbers are on the other side.

The reason those particular numbers are used is because they make the most sense from the perspective of placing chips on the betting grid. A certain economy of chips is maintained by placing those particular numbers in the bet.

When discussing these bets below, we mention placing a chip on a spot. This might mean only one chip or a multiple of that chip. Thus, if you wanted to increase your bet, you would need to put the same multiple of chips on each spot.

Voisins du Zero Bet

voisins-du-zero-betThe “voisins du zero” or “neighbors of zero” bet includes the section of the french roulette wheel surrounding the zero slot. Seventeen different numbers are included: 22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25.

Nine different chips are needed to make the wager. To make this bet, you place two chips on 0-2-3, one chip on the 4-7 split, one on the 12-15 split, one on the 18-21 split, one on the 19-22 split, two on the 25-26-28-29 corner, and one on the 32-35 split. Players who make this bet in a casino can use the software to make it in a single click.

Jeu Zero Bet

jeu-zero-betThe “Jeu Zero” or “Zero Game” bet also takes a section of the roulette wheel and places a bet on all those numbers. It’s a smaller 8-number bet on the numbers surrounding 0. In this case, the numbers are 12-35-3-26-0-32-15.

In some places, this wager is expanded into the “zero spiel naca”, a 5-chip bet which includes an additional 1-chip straight up bet on 19.

To make this wager, you need 4 chips. One chip goes on the 0-3 split, one on the 12-15 split, and one on the 32-35 split. Also, you place one straight-up bet on the number 26.

Le Tiers du Cylindre Bet

le-tiers-du-cylindre-betThe “Le Tiers du Cylindre” or “third of the wheel” bet covers another large section of the french roulette wheel. In this case, the third of the wheel is a 13-number bet (a bit more than 1/3rd). The numbers range from the 27 to the 33 on the wheel and include 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33.

Six chips are needed to make this bet, with one chip each placed on the splits between the 5 and 8, the 10 and 11, the 13 and 16, the 23 and 24, the 27 and 30, and the 33 and 36. In South Africa, the “Tiers du Cylindre” bet is called the “small series” or “series 5-8”.

Orphelins Bets

orphelins-betThe “orphelins” or “orphans” bet make up the remaining numbers on the dealer french roulette wheel. These represent the numbers furthest from the zero pocket, or at least outside le tiers and voisins bets. One is a small section of three numbers (17-34-6), while the other is a section of five numbers (1-20-14-31-9).

To make the orphans bet, you’ll need five chips. One chip is a straight-up bet on 1. The other four chips are placed on the splits between 6 and 9, 14 and 17, 17 and 20, and 31 and 34.

“And the Neighbors” Bets

Live Dealer French Roulette Neighbors BetAnother common way to wager in French Roulette is to make a neighbors bet. This is a 3-number sequence of a number, plus the number on either side of that number. It is announced as “X and the neighbors” to the croupier. If you wanted to make a 0-neighbors bet, you would say “0 and the neighbors”.

If you wanted to make a 27-neighbors bet, you would say “27 and the neighbors”. These are placed in a combination. You might say “1, 9, 14 and the neighbors,” meaning you want to bet the neighbors of the 1, the 9, and the 14.

Finals Bets

Live Dealer French Roulette Finals BetYet another common wager is a Finals Bet. What this means is a set of numbers with the same final number in common: 1-11-21-31 or 4-14-24-34. In the first case, the bet is called “Final 1”. In the second bet, the wager is called “Final 4”. Final bets for 7, 8, and 9 are only 3-chip bets, of course.

Some casinos allow split-final bets, so a player making a split-final 4-7 would place chips on the dividing line between the 4-7, 14-17, and 24-27 (and a singles bet on 34).

Full Complete Bets and Maximum Bets

Live French Roulette Full Complete BetOne final type of wager is allowable in French Roulette: the full-complete bet. The full complete bet is used by high rollers to max out the bet limits on a table. When this happens, the full-complete bet is called “the maximum”. This stacks bets on a particular number by allowing all the possible bets one can make on that number.

If you wagered “20 to the maximum”, then you would make 12 different bets which contain the number 20. Every single permutation of bet allowed would include a 20. In all, 40 chips would be placed on the table to complete the maximum bet. In doing so, you would max out the bet limits for that particular number. If the ball landed on the “20” slot, then you would receive a huge windfall.

French Roulette Strategy

Since this is a game of chance, there is no strategy to use in French Roulette. Ultimately, no strategy is used because no skill is required. Gamblers in French Roulette face a house edge of 2.70%. No betting pattern or chip placement is going to change those odds.

Mathematics is mathematics. Probability is weighted against a French Roulette player; that is the price of entertainment. Your aunt’s suggestion to bet 2 of 3 column bets does not change the odds against you, no matter what she says. That’s a liberating thought because you can place your bets and enjoy the game as-is.

Why Should You Play French Roulette?

Some of the benefits of playing French Roulette are obvious. Gamblers who haven’t experienced this type of gaming might be wondering what all the fuss is about. You might think live streaming casino games is touted as the latest advancement. In many ways, though, online casinos are a return to tradition. Here are some of the reasons why you should try this roulette variant:

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Benefits of French Roulette
  • French Roulette is a good way to learn to use the terminology. In a brick-and-mortar casino, you must use terms you might not be comfortable saying. The live dealer interface is a good intermediate step.
  • French Roulette allows players to make announced bets in a more traditional fashion, instead of clicking a bunch of buttons. It restores the game to its intended purpose.
  • The dealers usually are attractive. If you’re going to be playing your favorite game for hours, it’s better to spend it in the company of beautiful dealers than computer graphics.
  • Online gaming allows a player to get a real sense of the operators. Traditional online casino games are so impersonal and anonymous; you get no sense of the people you’re doing business with.
  • Staff members sometimes bring bonus money around to the tables. This is something which would not happen in online roulette.

Those are just a few of the reasons you should play French Roulette. It’s worth mentioning that many mobile casinos do not support French Roulette. If you’re playing on a smartphone or tablet computer, online casinos might be your only chance to play French Roulette.

French Roulette Players Also Asked

French Roulette FAQ

  • What is Live Dealer French Roulette?

    Live Dealer French roulette is an exciting and classic roulette variant that offers players a large number of betting options. It is often considered the preferred roulette game for players that are experts in this genre.

  • How Do You Play French Roulette?

    French Roulette is fairly easy to play. Players simply sign up at an online casino that features this live casino game, use bonus code to make their deposit, and start making bets. The dealer spins the wheel and launches the ball. If the ball lands on any of your bets you win real money!

  • What’s the Best Strategy to Win at French Roulette?

    Roulette is a game based on pure chance. There’s no clear strategy or skills that can help players win at French Roulette.

  • Can You Play Live French Roulette at US Online Casinos?

    Unfortunately, Live Dealer French Roulette can only be played at international online casinos.

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