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Playing Blackjack at Las Vegas Off Strip Casinos

Off Strip Blackjack in Las Vegas
Although there are many casinos on the strip and downtown Las Vegas, some prefer the not so crowded and lower limit tables to play blackjack. On our exclusive 2019 Las Vegas Blackjack Survey, you can find all the casinos that offer blackjack tables off the strip.

The advantage to playing blackjack away from the Las Vegas Strip and downtown is the lower limits. Many of these tables spread decent rules with a $5 minimum. Unlike playing blackjack for real money online, some places off-strip lack amenities and high limit rules. All games mentioned below pay 3-2 and have the dealer hit soft 17, unless otherwise noted.

Aliante Casino

Aliante Casino is on the outskirts of North Las Vegas. Boyd Gaming recently acquired the casino. The great blackjack rules stayed in place. Blackjack minimum limits can range from $5 up to $25, and there are a few double-deck tables that now offer $1,000 max bets. These limits change based on time of day and foot traffic, so be sure to walk around and check which tables have upped their limits.

This includes a double deck with double down before and after splitting, as well as re-split aces. The six-deck tables no longer offer surrender.

Arizona Charlie’s

There are two Arizona Charlie’s in Las Vegas. One is on Boulder Highway. The other is on Decatur. Both offer $5 double deck games with double down on any two cards before and after splitting. Aces may be re-split. The $3 six-deck game has the same rules. These limits tend to go up to $5 for the six-deck and $10 for the double deck at night.

Arizona Charlie’s Decatur casino has added a single deck table, along with a few tables with Lucky Ladies and Let’s Play side bets.


Bighorn casino offers one blackjack game. It allows players to double down on two or three cards, surrender and re-split aces to three hands. The minimum bet is $5.

You can find three six-deck tables at Longhorn casino. They have a $5, $3, and $1 minimum bet tables that allow players to double down on two or three cards, surrender and re-split aces to three hands.

Boulder Station

Boulder Station offers two playable games. Both have a $5 minimum bet. One is a double deck that allows double down before and after splitting. The six-deck games add surrender.

Cannery/Eastside Cannery

Cannery kept its old-school rules after being acquired by Boyd Gaming. The double deck game allows double down before and after splitting, as well as re-split aces. The six-deck game adds surrender. Cannery tables have a $5 minimum bet.

Eastside Cannery still has a great $5 Free Bet Blackjack that pays 3-2. It is the only table of its kind away from downtown Las Vegas. They lowered their six-deck table minimum bet down to $3.

Club Fortune

Club Fortune spreads one $3 six-deck blackjack game. This table allows double down before and after splitting, as well as re-splitting aces. The double-deck table has a minimum of $5 with similar rules; no re-splitting aces.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island has six-deck blackjack. The minimum is $5. Players may double down before and after splitting. Ellis Island has two tables with popular side bets: Blackjack Bonus Spin and Buster Blackjack.

Fiesta Henderson/Rancho

Fiestas spread $5 single deck, double deck, and six-deck games. The single and double deck permits double down before and after splitting. Note that the $3 tables at both Fiesta casinos offer surrender.

Fiesta Henderson now spreads a $5 single deck table with a 6-5 payout.

The Fiesta Rancho casino now offers tables with a variety of side bets: Lucky Lucky, Pair Square, Bet the Set 21, and Bust It Blackjack.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast offers two good $5 blackjack games. One is a double deck. The other is six-deck. Double down before and after splitting is allowed for both games.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock requires players to bet between $25 and $100 to get a 3-2 blackjack game. There are a few double, four, six, and eight deck games you will find 3-2 payouts; the rest are 6-5.

The six-deck, $100 minimum bet high limit tables offer players the surrender option. Most other tables allow players to double before and after splitting and re-split aces.

Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild offers two blackjack games. One is a $5 double deck that allows double down before and after splitting. The $3 six-deck game also allows players to double down before and after splitting.

Lucky Club

Lucky Club in North Las Vegas offers $1 3-2 blackjack. Players may double down before and after splitting in this six-deck game.

M Resort

M Resort offers four playable blackjack games. There’s a $5 six-deck that allows double down before and after splitting. The $25 double deck has the same rules. For $50, players can get a double deck that stands on all 17s and adds re-split aces. The $50 six-deck game allows double down before and after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. The dealer also stands on all 17s in this game.

The Orleans

The Orleans spreads two $5 3-2 blackjack games. One is a double deck. The other is a six-deck. Both allow double down before and after splitting. They now have an additional double-deck game with Super Fun 21 side bet.


Hooters became the OYO Hotel & Casino in 2020. Since then, all blackjack tables over $10 pay 3-2.

Palace Station

Palace Station spreads two 3-2 blackjack games. One is a double deck. The other is a six-deck. The double deck allows double down before and after splitting. The six-deck adds surrender. The minimum bet is $5 for both games.


Palms spreads four double decks and five-six deck games. The double deck has double down before and after spitting. Exotic bets include Lucky Lucky, Pair Square, Super 4, and Bet the Set 21.

Poker Palace

Poker Palace has a $1 six-deck blackjack table that pays Even Money. Players may double down on two or three cards and after splitting. Players can also re-split Aces on all blackjack tables.

Railroad Pass

Railroad Pass is located between Henderson and Boulder City. The six-deck game has a $3 minimum. The double deck is a $5 table. Players may double down before and after splitting at both.


Rampart has two 3-2 blackjack games. The double deck has double down before and after splitting, as well as re-split aces. The six-deck adds surrender. The minimum bet at both games is $5.

Red Rock

Red Rock spreads four 3-2 blackjack games. For $10, players will find double and six-deck. The double deck allows double down before and after splitting. The six-deck adds re-split aces. For $50, players will find a double and in the high limit salon. The double deck has double down before and after splitting plus re-split aces. The $100, there is a stand on all 17s six-deck table. Double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender.


Rio has four 3-2 blackjack games. For $10, there is an eight-deck game with double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender. For $15, there is a double deck with double down only on the first two cards.

High limit spreads eight $100 games. The double deck has double down before and after splitting. The six-deck game stands on all 17s and adds surrender.

Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town spreads two 3-2 blackjack games. The $3 six-deck game has double down only before splitting. The $5 double deck has the same rules.

They added another double-deck table for higher rollers, with a $25 minimum bet.

Santa Fe Station

Santa Fe Station has two 3-2 blackjack games. For $5, players can get a double deck with double down before and after splitting. The six-deck game adds surrender.

Play at the high roller $25 double-deck tables, or enjoy the $5 minimum single-deck. Santa Fe Station has added side bets: Lucky Lucky, Pair Square, and Copy Cat to their tables.

Silver 7s

Silver 7s offers a $5 eight-deck and $10 double deck game. Both permit double down before and after splitting. The eight deck game allows players to re-split aces.


Silverton offers $5 minimum six-deck and double-deck blackjack tables. Their single-deck game has a $10 minimum.

South Point

South Point spreads $10 double deck and six-deck games. Players can find varying minimum betting limits ranging from $10 up to $50 on the gaming floor. South Point permits double down before and after splitting in all games.


Suncoast spreads as much as 17 $5 games depending on business levels with double down before and after splitting.

  • 11 tables are double deck.
  • Two are single deck.
  • Three are six deck
  • One is Super Fun with separate rules for doubling, splitting and surrender.

Texas Station

Texas Station offers $5 double deck and six-deck tables. Double deck has double down before and after splitting. Six-deck adds surrender.


Tuscany offers six-deck blackjack with favorable rules. Double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender and re-split aces, are allowed.


Westgate only offers one 3-2 table, their $100 high roller table with six-decks that offers surrender. All other tables pay 6-5.

Previous Off-Strip Blackjack Surveys

Las Vegas Casinos are constantly changing and updating their blackjack games. That is why we go back every year to make sure the information is correct. Below, you will be able to consult the data of previous years.

Complete Off-Strip Blackjack Casinos – Las Vegas Casino Survey 2019

Casino# of DecksMin BetMax BetH/S 17DADASRSASurrender# of Tables6/5 BJVideoExoticHouse Hold %
Aliante Casino15500HYesNoNoNo3YesNoNo1.69824%
Aliante Casino25500HYesYesYesNo12NoNoNo0.40374%
Aliante Casino65500HYesYesYesNo3NoNoNo0.57085%
Aliante Casino625500HYesYesYesNoNoNoNo0.57085%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur110500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.15945%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur25500HYesYesYesNo3NoNoNo0.40374%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur65500HYesYesYesNo2NoNoNo0.57085%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur65500HYesYesYesNo1NoNoLucky Ladies0.57085%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur65500HYesYesYesNo1NoNoLet’s Play Blackjack0.57085%
Arizona Charlie’s – Decatur63500HYesYesYesNo1NoNoNo0.57085%
Bighorn65100HYesYesYesYes3NoNoLucky Ladies0.48263%
Boulder Station1101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Boulder Station251000HYesYesNoNo7NoNoNo0.45688%
Boulder Station2252000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoSuper Fun 211.30000%
Boulder Station65500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoFree Bet1.99842%
Boulder Station65500HYesYesNoNo3NoNoNo0.63873%
Boulder Station65500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoLucky Lucky0.63873%
Boulder Station65500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoLucky Ladies0.63873%
Cannery23500H1NoSuper Fun 211.30000%
Eastside Cannery25500HYesYesNoNo4NoNoNo0.45688%
Eastside Cannery63500HYesYesYes1NoNoNo0.57085%
Club Fortune25100HYesYesNoNo2NoNoNo0.45688%
Club Fortune25100HYesYesNoNo1NoNoBuster Blackjack0.45688%
Club Fortune25100HYesYesNoNo1NoNoPair Square0.45688%
Club Fortune63100HYesYesYesNo1NoNoNo0.57085%
Ellis Island65300HYesYesNoYes6NoNoNo0.55051%
Ellis Island65300H1NoBlackjack Bonus Spin6.36000%
Ellis Island65300H1NoBuster Blackjack6.21000%
Fiesta Henderson151000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Fiesta Henderson241000HYesYesNoNo5NoNoNo0.45688%
Fiesta Henderson63500HYesYesNoYes1NoNoNo0.55051%
Fiesta Rancho15500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Fiesta Rancho25500HYesYesNoNo5NoNoNo0.45688%
Fiesta Rancho25500H1NoNoLucky Lucky0.45688%
Fiesta Rancho25500H1NoNoPair Square0.45688%
Fiesta Rancho25500H1NoNoBet the Set 210.45688%
Fiesta Rancho25500H1NoNoBust It Blackjack0.45688%
Fiesta Rancho65500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.63873%
Fiesta Rancho63500HYesYesNoYes2NoNoNo0.55051%
Gold Coast151000H2NoSuper Fun 211.16000%
Gold Coast251000HYesYesNoNo15NoNoNo0.45688%
Gold Coast65500HYesYesNoNo3NoNoNo0.63873%
Hard Rock2251000HYesNoNoNo1NoNoNo0.60225%
Hard Rock4252000HYesYesYesNo1NoNoNo0.53252%
Hard Rock6151000HYesYesYesNo2YesNoNo1.93054%
Hard Rock6251000HYesYesYesNo2YesNoNo1.93054%
Hard Rock61005000HYesYesYesYes4NoNoNo0.48263%
Hard Rock6151000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoLucky Lucky1.93054%
Hard Rock6251000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoLucky Lucky1.93054%
Hard Rock61005000HYesYesYesYes1NoNoLucky Lucky0.48263%
Hard Rock8101000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoNo1.94908%
Hard Rock8151000HYesYesYesNo9YesNoNo1.94908%
Hard Rock8251000HYesYesYesNo1NoNoNo0.59109%
Hard Rock8151000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoLucky Lucky1.94908%
Jokers Wild25300HYesYesNoNo3NoNoNo0.45688%
Jokers Wild63300HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.63873%
Lucky Club6150HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.63873%
Lucky Club63100HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.63873%
Lucky Club65100HYesYesNoNo2NoNoNo0.63873%
M Resort2151000HYesYesNoNo5NoNoNo0.45688%
M Resort2503000SYesYesYesNo2NoNoNo0.20181%
M Resort651000HYesYesNoNo6NoNoNo0.63873%
M Resort6505000SYesYesYesYes2NoNoNo0.28507%
Orleans251000HYes1NoSuper Fun 211.30000%
Palace Station1101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Palace Station252000HYesYesNoNo10NoNoNo0.45688%
Palace Station6101000HYesYesNoYes1YesNoFree Bet1.91020%
Palace Station651000HYesYesNoYes3NoNoNo0.55051%
Palms210010000SYesNoNoNo1NoNoLucky Lucky0.398%
Palms2100020000SYesNoNoNo1NoNoPair Square0.398%
Palms610010000SYesNoYesNo6NoNoSuper 40.49945%
Palms610010000SYesNoYesNo1NoNoBet the Set 210.49945%
Palms6101000HYesNoYesNo1NoNoBet the Set 210.71539%
Poker Palace1250HYesNoYesNo1EvenNoNo2.79000%
Poker Palace6250HYesYesYesNo4NoNoNo0.57085%
Railroad Pass25500HYesYesNoNo2NoNoNo0.45688%
Railroad Pass63200HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.63873%
Red Rock151000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
Red Rock25500HYesYesNoNo4YesNoNo1.83038%
Red Rock2102000HYesYesNoNo12NoNoNo0.45688%
Red Rock2253000HYesYesYesNo1NoNoNo0.40374%
Red Rock2505000HYesYesYesNo4NoNoNo0.40374%
Red Rock2102000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoLucky Lucky0.45688%
Red Rock2102000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoPair Square0.45688%
Red Rock2102000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoFree Bet BJ0.45688%
Red Rock6102000HYesYesNoYes4NoNoNo0.55051%
Red Rock651000HYesYesNoYes5YesNoNo1.91020%
Red Rock610010000SYesYesNoYes4NoNoNo0.35361%
Rio6155000HYesNoNoNo3YesNoFree Bet1.99842%
Rio6102000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoBlazing 7’s Blackjack1.99842%
Rio6102000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoEZ Bust1.99842%
Rio6102000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoKings Bounty1.99842%
Sam’s Town15500HYesYes1NoSuper Fun 211.16000%
Sam’s Town2101000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.60225%
Sam’s Town25500HYes13NoSuper Fun 211.30000%
Sam’s Town2252000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.60225%
Sam’s Town63500HYesNoNoNo2NoNoNo0.63873%
Santa Fe Station151000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
Santa Fe Station251000HYesYesNoNo21NoNoNo0.45688%
Santa Fe Station2251000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.45688%
Santa Fe Station2252000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.45688%
Santa Fe Station251000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoLucky Lucky0.45688%
Santa Fe Station251000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoCopy Cat0.45688%
Santa Fe Station251000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoPair Square0.45688%
Santa Fe Station6102000HYesYesNoYes2NoNoNo0.55051%
Silver 7’s210500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.45688%
Silver 7’s85500HYesYesYesNo2YesNoNo1.95%
Silverton1101000HNoNoNoNo1NoNoBlackjack Spin0.57982%
Silverton1101000HNoNoNoNo1NoNoRoyal Match0.57982%
Silverton6101000HYesYesYesNo1NoNoRoyal Match0.57085%
Silverton6101000HYesYesYesNo1NoNoBlackjack Spin0.57085%
South Point2102000HYesYesNoNo7NoNoNo0.45688%
South Point2152000HYesYesNoNo5NoNoNo0.45688%
South Point2252000HYesYesNoNo9NoNoNo0.45688%
South Point2502000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.45688%
South Point2102000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoPair Square0.45688%
South Point6101000HYesYesNoNo10NoNoNo0.63873%
South Point6101000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoPair Square0.63873%
South Point6152000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNo0.63873%
Suncoast251000H1NoSuper Fun1.3%
Suncoast651000HYesYesNoNo1NoSpin 210.63873%
Texas Station25500HYesYesNoNo8NoNoNo0.45688%
Texas Station65500HYesYesNoYes5NoNoNo0.55051%
Texas Station610500HYesYesNoYes5NoNoNo0.55051%
Tuscany63300HYesYesYesYes1EvenNoSuper Fun 210.48263%
Westgate652000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoFree Bet BJ1.99842%
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