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Where to Play Sic Bo in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Games Survey - Sic Bo
Sic Bo is a dice game.  It once was spread across many Las Vegas casinos.  New York New York even tried a video version of the game.  That did not last very long.

Venetian is the only Las Vegas casino that spreads Sic Bo these days.  The bet limits are $5 to $100.  There is only one table there.

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How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo involves the rolling of three dice.  The dealer shakes them after players make wagers.  There are dozens of wagers on the table that involve combination of dice and point totals.  The best wagers at Sic Bo are 4-10 and 11-17 if it pays even money.  That has a house edge of 2.78%.

Most bets on the Sic Bo table have a house edge of over 20%.  Some run into the 45% range.  We highly recommend avoiding this game for that reason.  You’re better off playing penny slots, keno for real money, or even Venetian’s awful Triple Zero Roulette than making most of the bets at a Sic Bo table.

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
VenetianSic Bo51001No
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