Casino War in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Casino War

Casino War is the most simple game in Las Vegas. It is a high-card game you play against the dealer, and it requires no strategy. Some players play this game to bide time when tables at the casino are full. But even then, you can hop on a winning streak and stick around. It is a roller coaster because the chips move so fast.

This Casino War Las Vegas survey contains a complete list of all the casinos that offer the game, the minimum and maximum bets, and much more!

Las Vegas Casino War

Everything You Need to Know

Complete List of Casino War Tables in Las Vegas 2024

Below we listed a complete list of all the Las Vegas casinos that offer Casino War.

Table Limits | What Are The Cheapest Casino War Tables in Vegas?

You don’t need a lot of cash to put in a few hands of Casino War. The cheapest Casino War tables in Las Vegas are just $5. So you can spend at least a few minutes at a Casino War table and watch your chip stack grow and shrink.

$5 Casino War Tables in Las Vegas

The $5 tables are the least expensive Casino War tables you will find. We found these tables at Luxor, Paris, and Planet Hollywood. The maximum bets at these tables are $100 and $200.

$10 Casino War Tables in Las Vegas

If you want to get a little more serious about Casino War, you may want to try $10 tables. But our survey found only two in Las Vegas, at Excalibur and Mirage. The maximum bets at these tables are $500 and $1,000, suitable for a betting system.

Casino War Minimum Bet in Las Vegas

Casino War Minimum Bet

You can find a good range of minimum bets at the Las Vegas Casino War tables. The minimums start at $5 and go up to $25, so there is a Casino War table for your budget.

The range between minimum and maximum bets at these tables allows you to use the same betting systems at blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. In fact, Casino War is a good testing ground for betting strategies since the payouts are 1-1, and the games move so fast.

How to Play Casino War in Las Vegas

If you travel to Las Vegas, here’s a step-by-step guide of how you can play casino war.

  1. Find a Table and Place Your Bet

    Since there are just a few tables in town, you may have to search to find one. The dealer will exchange your cash for chips, and you then place a bet. A 10-1 tie bet is also available.
  2. Watch the Deal

    Each player gets a single card, and the dealer receives one. If your card is higher, you win the amount of your bet. If your card is lower, you lose.
  3. Decide on War

    In the event of a tie, you have a choice of surrendering and giving up half your bet or going to war. If you decide to go to war, you raise your wager by the amount of the ante. The dealer and player get another card. If you beat or tie the dealer on that card, you win even money on your second bet and get your money back on the original stake. If the dealer beats you on the second card, you lose both bets. 

Play Casino War in Las Vegas and Win Big!

When gambling in Las Vegas, you should try Casino War if you spot a table. Watch your bankroll because money moves super fast at this bank.

The best way to discover the game’s fast pace is to try online Casino War for real money at one of our top-rated internet casinos. And you are more likely to find extra side bets at the online tables. Some even offer a bonus of three times the ante bet if the player gets consecutive ties. So sign up and cash in on Casino War today!

Las Vegas Casino War FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about Casino War tables in Las Vegas.

What is Casino War?

Casino War is a simple high-card, even-money game that is easy to play. The game moves quickly and so do the chips. Look for side bets that make Casino War more exciting and challenging.

Where can I find Casino War tables in Las Vegas?

You can find Casino War tables in Las Vegas at nine casinos, according to our survey. The bet limits range from as little as $5 to as high as $2,000, so you can find Casino War in your budget range.

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