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Las Vegas Games Survey - Crazy4Poker
Crazy4Poker saw a significant decrease in installs in Las Vegas during 2017. The number of casinos in this survey where the game is spread at dropped from 28 to 9. The game was removed from most Caesars casinos in the past year. Several Station Casinos and MGM properties also dropped the game.

The game is now 14 years old. It was never as popular as Three Card Poker or Ultimate Texas Hold’em. It was more a niche game spread by casinos with large casino floors that can accommodate tables for games that are not popular. Crazy4Poker has a $5 or $10 minimum bet in Las Vegas.

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How to Play Crazy4Poker

Players make an equal Ante and Super Bonus bet. The player and dealer receive five cards. The player must decide to fold or bet. A bet is equal to the Ante, unless the player has at least a pair of aces. Those hands may raise up to three times the Ante. The player discards one and plays four cards to make the best hand.

The dealer needs at least king-high to open. If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante pushes and the Play bet wins. If the dealer opens, the bets all play, and the dealer and player hands are compared. The highest wins. If the player wins, the Ante and Play bets are paid. If the dealer wins, the house takes those bets. If the hands tie, it is a push.

Where to Play Crazy4Poker in Las Vegas

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
AriaCrazy 4 Poker105001No
Bally’sCrazy 4 Poker55002No
BellagioCrazy 4 Poker153001No
Caesars PalaceCrazy 4 Poker52001No
Caesars PalaceCrazy 4 Poker152001No
CosmopolitanCrazy 4 Poker105001No
CromwellCrazy 4 Poker101001No
EncoreCrazy 4 Poker105001No
FlamingoCrazy 4 Poker101002No
Golden NuggetCrazy 4 Poker53001No
Green Valley RanchCrazy 4 Poker55001No
Harrah’sCrazy 4 Poker101002No
LinqCrazy 4 Poker101001No
MGM GrandCrazy 4 Poker255001No
MirageCrazy 4 Poker155002No
NYNYCrazy 4 Poker101001No
PalazzoCrazy 4 Poker1530001No
ParisCrazy 4 Poker55001No
ParisCrazy 4 Poker105001No
Planet HollywoodCrazy 4 Poker55001No
Planet HollywoodCrazy 4 Poker52001No
RampartCrazy 4 Poker5501No
Red RockCrazy 4 Poker55001No
RioCrazy 4 Poker51001No
VenetianCrazy 4 Poker2520001No
WynnCrazy 4 Poker255001No
WynnCrazy 4 Poker155001No
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