Playing High Card Flush at Las Vegas

Las Vegas Games Survey - High Card Flush
High Card Flush is the biggest hit rolled out on casino floors in the past few years. There are 23 casinos in Las Vegas that spread the game. Some offer two High Card Flush tables. New installs in the past year include Mandalay Bay, Plaza, and Texas Station. The minimum bet is $5 or $10 at all Las Vegas High Card Flush.

How to Play High Card Flush

Players start with a mandatory Ante bet and an optional side bet, similar to Caribbean Stud Poker. The player and dealer then receive seven cards. Players pick up cards and determine whether they would like to play. The goal is to get a higher number of flush cards than the dealer. For example, a hand with four hearts, two clubs and a spade have four flush cards.

If the player has more flush cards than the dealer, it is a win. If the dealer has more, the house wins. If the dealer and player have the same number of flush cards, the ranks of the cards determine the winner, with the ace being high.

The player determines if the hand should be folded or played. A folded hand immediately loses the Ante and side bet. A player that wants to stay in the hand may raise an amount equal to the Ante on flushes of four cards or fewer, two time the Ante on a five-card flush, and three times the bet on six and seven cards.

After players raise or fold, the dealer shows the house hand. The dealer much have a three-card nine-high flush or better to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, Antes win and raises push.

High Card FlushSide Bet
7-Card Flush300-1
6-Card Flush100-1
5-Card Flush10-1
4-Card Flush1-1

Play High Card Flush at Las Vegas Casinos

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
AriaHigh Card Flush105003No
Bally’sHigh Card Flush52002No
Binion’sHigh Card Flush51001No
BellagioHigh Card Flush105001No
Boulder StationHigh Card Flush51001No
Caesars PalaceHigh Card Flush102001No
Caesars PalaceHigh Card Flush152001No
CosmopolitanHigh Card Flush105001No
CromwellHigh Card Flush152001No
ExcaliburHigh Card Flush103001No
Fiesta RanchoHigh Card Flush31001No
FlamingoHigh Card Flush152001No
Golden NuggetHigh Card Flush55001No
Green Valley RanchHigh Card Flush55001No
Harrah’sHigh Card Flush102002No
LinqHigh Card Flush102001No
M ResortHigh Card Flush52002No
Mandalay BayHigh Card Flush1010001No
MGM GrandHigh Card Flush255001No
MirageHigh Card Flush155001No
NYNYHigh Card Flush103001No
OrleansHigh Card Flush51001No
ParisHigh Card Flush52001No
ParisHigh Card Flush102001No
Planet HollywoodHigh Card Flush102001No
Planet HollywoodHigh Card Flush105001No
PlazaHigh Card Flush53001No
PlazzoHigh Card Flush1520001No
Red RockHigh Card Flush55001No
RioHigh Card Flush52002No
Santa Fe StationHigh Card Flush51001No
StratosphereHigh Card Flush55001No
Texas StationHigh Card Flush51001No
WynnHigh Card Flush155001No
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