Where to Play Let It Ride at Las Vegas Casinos

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Let it Ride is the most popular on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a classic table game that you can find across 35 casinos in Las Vegas. There are some installations in downtown Las Vegas and the local market. The minimum bet is $5 at most casinos and $10 at higher-end ones.

This complete Let It Ride Las Vegas survey contains a list of all the casinos where you can find the game, minimum and maximum bets, and instructions on how you can play it in Sin City. 

Las Vegas Let It Ride

Everything You Need to Know

Playing Let It Ride in Las Vegas 2024

Below is a complete list of all the Let It Ride tables in Las Vegas.

Let It Ride Table Limits | The Cheapest Let It Ride Tables in Vegas

Our survey shows that the lowest bet you can make on Let It Ride in Las Vegas is $5. You are most likely to see these tables on a floor because they are the most popular in town. The game is not popular enough for casinos to host video machine versions.

$5 Let It Ride Tables in Las Vegas

Nearly 20 casinos in Las Vegas have at least one $5 table. We noticed that Bally’s, Paris, and Rio have two $5 Let It Ride tables. These tables have maximum bet limits of from $25 to $500.

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
4 QueensLet It Ride51001No
Bally’sLet It Ride55002No
Binion’sLet It Ride51001No
CaliforniaLet It Ride5501No
FlamingoLet It Ride53001No
FremontLet It Ride51001No
Golden GateLet It Ride52001No
Golden NuggetLet It Ride55001No
Green Valley RanchLet It Ride52001No
LuxorLet It Ride51001No
OrleansLet It Ride51001No
ParisLet It Ride55002No
PlazaLet It Ride5251No
Red RockLet It Ride52001No
RioLet It Ride55002No
Sam’s TownLet It Ride5501No
The DLet It Ride52001No

 $10 Let It Ride Tables in Las Vegas

The survey shows that $10 Let It Ride tables are also scattered about Vegas, with ten casinos housing them. Planet Hollywood has two $10 tables, while Harrah’s has four, the most of any in town. The maximum wagers at these tables range from $50 to $500.

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
Caesars PalaceLet It Ride105001No
CosmopolitanLet It Ride105001No
ExcaliburLet It Ride102001No
FlamingoLet It Ride103001No
Harrah’sLet It Ride103004No
LinqLet It Ride103001No
NYNYLet It Ride10501No
Planet HollywoodLet It Ride105002No
Treasure IslandLet It Ride103001No
VenetianLet It Ride105001No

Let It Ride Minimum Bet in Las Vegas

let it ride minimum bets in las vegas

The minimum bet for Let It Ride is the amount you have to wager on each of the three betting spots on the table. For example, a $5 minimum requires you to bet a total of $15 because each area must have $5 on it, and all of the spots must contain the same amount. There may also be areas for optional side bets.

There is a good variety of minimum bet amounts available in Las Vegas casinos and at least one Let It Ride table at many casinos. The minimums range from $5 to $25. Vegas casinos don’t have higher Let It Ride bets because the tables need cash handy to cover the potentially high payouts. Some tables limit the payout amounts per session.

How to Play Let It Ride in Las Vegas

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to play Let It Ride in Las Vegas.

  1. Find a table and ante up. The dealer will give you chips in exchange for cash, and you will see three spots to place your bets.
  2. Make your first decision. The dealer will give each player three cards turned up and lay out two face-down community cards. Your first decision is whether to pull back one of your bets or “let it ride” based on the strength of your three cards.
  3. Make a second choice. The dealer will turn one community card, and you will decide from the four cards showing whether to pull back a bet or continue.
  4. Collect your winnings. After the dealer turns over the last card, the winners receive their pay according to the payout chart.

Play Let It Ride in Las Vegas and Win Big!

Let It Ride is a fun game to play in Las Vegas and attractive because you get to recover some of your bet if your cards are bad. And the 97% to 98% return to player (RTP) rating makes it worth a try.

You get the best return by employing a strategy, and the best way to practice is to play real money Let It Ride online. There are no better sites than the ones we recommend at OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com because they have reputations for fair deals, secure transactions, and responsive support staff. So check out these real money online casinos and learn when to Let It Ride.

Las Vegas Let It Ride FAQs

Below is the most frequently asked question about Let It Ride.

How do you play Let It Ride in Vegas?

You play Let It Ride in Vegas by betting in three spaces and deciding whether to pull back bets as the deal progresses or to Let It Ride. That gives you two decisions to make and a chance to recover two-thirds of your total wager if the cards are not favorable.

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