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Most roulette games in Las Vegas have two zeros on them. Venetian and Palazzo now spread Triple Zero Roulette. Few casinos offer single zero roulette tables. Each Las Vegas resort that spreads single zero roulette has it at a higher limit than single zero.

There are two types of single zero roulette in Las Vegas. One offers the La Partage rule and one without Le Partage. The games that provide Le Partage, also referred to as European Roulette, return half of the even-money wagers if the ball lands on zero. This guide contains everything you need to know about Single Zero Roulette in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Single Zero Roulette

Everything You Need to Know

Types of Single Zero Roulette Games in Las Vegas

There are different types of Single Zero Roulette tables in Vegas. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them:

Single Zero Roulette Tables in Las Vegas Without La Partage

single zero roulette table sin las vegas without la partage

Several high-end MGM Resorts‘ casinos have Single Zero Roulette tables without La Partage, also known as European Roulette.

They also spread in the high-limit salon at Wynn and Encore. We want to make finding the European Roulette tables easy for you, so here’s a list of where to find them within the casino and their minimum bet.

Casinos and Minimum Bets

  • The cheapest European Roulette table is at MGM Grand. It often has a $25 minimum bet. It goes up to $50, sometimes $100, during peak and weekend hours.
  • Mandalay Bay has the game for $50 during off-peak hours and $100 on weekends.
  • European Roulette has a $100 minimum at Aria, Bellagio, and Mirage.
  • The Mirage table is found only in the high-limit section.
  • Wynn and Encore both offer European Roulette. The minimum bet at each is $100. Find the tables in the high-limit salon.

Single Zero Roulette Tables in Las Vegas With La Partage

single zero roulette tables in las vegas with la partage

There are four casinos in Las Vegas with single zero roulette tables but they do not offer European rules.

The Cromwell offers this game on its casino floor with a $25 minimum bet. This addition to their game portfolio was a part of their marketing efforts to spread the best low-limit games on the Las Vegas Strip.

Caesars Palace has the game in its high-limit salon with a $100 minimum bet. The same limits apply to the tables in high-limit sections at the Venetian and Palazzo.

Single Zero Video Roulette

single zero video roulette in las vegas

Some single-player video roulette machines only have one zero on the wheel. Players should be careful with these machines. Most only pay 34 on a straight bet instead of the typical 35. This adds nearly three percent to the house edge.

Ellis Island is one casino in Las Vegas that offers standard payouts for its video roulette. The minimum bet is only $0.25. Players may also enjoy the players club benefits earned while playing this game as Ellis Island has a reputation for taking care of its players.

Las Vegas does not have any multiplayer video roulette games with only one zero on the wheel. All of these devices are double zero.

Single Zero Roulette Tables in Las Vegas

What Are The Cheapest Single Zero Roulette Tables in Vegas?

The lowest minimum bet on a single zero roulette table we found in our surveys was $25 at a couple of casinos. One of those offers La Partage rules that give you more advantage. The maximum bet limits at these tables are $200 and $1,000.

$25 Single Zero Roulette Tables in Las Vegas

The MGM Grand has the best $25 single zero roulette games, not only because they have the European rules. They offer a maximum bet of $1,000, which gives you a good range if you want to use a roulette betting system.

$50 Single Zero Roulette Tables in Las Vegas

There are two $50 single zero tables at Aria and Mandalay Bay. While they carry the La Partage rules, the maximum bet levels of $500 and $1,000 don’t cater as well to wide-ranging betting systems.

Single Zero Roulette Minimum Bet in Las Vegas

single zero roulette minimum bets in las vegas

The minimum bet in roulette means that the amount is the least you can wager on a spin. You can spread it anywhere on the table. For instance, if the minimum bet is $100, you could place $40 on black, $40 on a row, $10 on a specific number, and $10 on a corner bet to add up to the minimum. In Las Vegas, single zero roulette minimum bets start at $25.

Single zero roulette has a smaller house edge (2.7%) than the double zero or American game (5.6%). You can see that having that extra zero means a lot to your chances. This is why single zero tables are harder to find in Las Vegas. The minimum bets are higher to make the casino’s take worthwhile.

How to Play Single Zero Roulette in Las Vegas

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to play single zero roulette in Las Vegas.

  1. Find a good single zero table. The European or La Partage tables are better. In between spins, give your cash to the dealer. They will provide you with chips of a different color to make it easier for them to identify your wager at a crowded table.
  2. Place your wager(s). Before the ball comes to a stop on the wheel, the dealer will call “no more bets,” and you can’t touch the chips until the dealer pays the winners. 
  3. Wait for your payout. The dealer will announce the winning number, color, and odd or even. When the dealer awards your chips, you can pick them up and make more bets.

Single Zero Roulette Odds and Payouts

single zero roulette payouts and odds

Since there are so many betting options in roulette, there is a wide range of odds. You can make an even-money wager (1-1 payout) up to a 35-1 bet on any one number. And there are several betting options in between, such as column (2-1), two numbers (17-1), or six numbers (5-1).

Single zero roulette offers among the best odds of Las Vegas games. The 2.7% house edge means your return to player (RTP) rating is 97.3. Playing with La Partage makes the RTP even better at 98.65.

Play Single Zero Roulette in Las Vegas and Win Big!

If you find an excellent single zero roulette table in Las Vegas, jump on it. The game is easy to play, and plenty of betting options are available.

You’ll see the advantages of playing roulette if you go to one of OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com recommended real money online casinos to play single zero roulette. The games at these sites are independently rated for fairness, and the action is fast. Plus, some sites have roulette deposit bonuses. So sign up, deposit, and try your favorite wagers in single zero roulette!

Las Vegas Single Zero Roulette FAQs

Below is the most frequently asked question about single zero roulette.

What are the best Single Zero Roulette tables in Las Vegas?

The best single zero Roulette tables in Las Vegas are the ones that offer La Partage rules. If the ball lands on zero, this rule allows you to get 50% of your wager back.

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