Playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Games Survey - Ultimate Texas Holdem
Ultimate Texas Hold’em is the most popular of the games that came out due to the poker boom. Most mid-sized and large Las Vegas casinos spread it. Many have multiple tables. Limits start at $2 at Jerry’s Nugget, located just north of downtown Las Vegas. Most casinos spread it with a $5 minimum bet. Some higher end ones require $10.

How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Live ultimate texas holdem gameUltimate Texas Hold’em is played like the one in Las Vegas poker rooms. Players start by making an Ante and Blind bet. The two bets must be equal. There are also two side bets at most Ultimate Texas Hold’em tables. One is a progressive, while the other is a simple bonus hand.

The progressive will pay on either flopping a royal flush or making one out of the seven cards. The flopped royal flush jackpot will often pay more than $100,000, while the royal flush on seven cards typically hits before the jackpot gets higher than $15,000.

The side bets are optional. Only the Ante and Blind bets are mandatory.

#1 – Once bets are established, players and the dealer each receive two cards face down. Five cards are placed down in the center of the table. These are community cards used by all players and the dealer.
#2 – Players look at their cards and decide whether to raise or check. A player that would like to raise at this point must bet three or four times the Ante. Players also have the option to check.

#3 – Three of the community cards are displayed. This is known as the flop. There is another chance to bet before the last two cards are shown, known as the turn or river.

  • A player that does not raise before the flop may do so for double the Ante after the flop or an amount equal to the Ante after the turn and river are exposed.
  • A player that raises before or after the flop has no other action to make for the rest of the hand. The cards should be tucked under the bets.

#4 – Once all the cards are exposed, the dealer’s hand is shown. Its strength is determined and compared to the other player’s hands. The dealer must have at least a pair to qualify. If the board pairs, this qualifies as a dealer opener.

If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante pushes. The Raise bets will play. If the player beats the dealer, the Ante (if the dealer qualifies) and raises are paid. If the dealer beats the player, the Ante and Raise bets lose. If the dealer and player have the same hand, the player pushes.

The Blind bet pushes unless the player makes a straight or higher. It then pays based on the chart.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Payout
Royal Flush500-1
Straight Flush50-1
Four of a Kind10-1
StraightEven Money

If you are not in Las Vegas and want to try your luck playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em there are several online casinos where you can play against real dealers. Find these live online casinos in our UTH game page.

Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em at Las Vegas Casinos in 2018

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
4 QueensUltimate Texas Hold’em51001No
Aliante CasinoUltimate Texas Hold’em5503No
AriaUltimate Texas Hold’em255003No
Bally’sUltimate Texas Hold’em102002No
BellagioUltimate Texas Hold’em155002No
BellagioUltimate Texas Hold’em255001No
Boulder StationUltimate Texas Hold’em51001No
Caesars PalaceUltimate Texas Hold’em255001No
CanneryUltimate Texas Hold’em51001No
Circus CircusUltimate Texas Hold’em5502No
CosmopolitanUltimate Texas Hold’em255003No
CromwellUltimate Texas Hold’em102001No
Downtown GrandUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
EncoreUltimate Texas Hold’em105005No
EncoreUltimate Texas Hold’em505001No
El CortezUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
ExcaliburUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
Fiesta HendersonUltimate Texas Hold’em51001No
FlamingoUltimate Texas Hold’em152001No
FlamingoUltimate Texas Hold’em102001No
Gold CoastUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
Golden GateUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
Golden NuggetUltimate Texas Hold’em102002No
Green Valley RanchUltimate Texas Hold’em55001No
Green Valley RanchUltimate Texas Hold’em105001No
Harrah’sUltimate Texas Hold’em102003No
LinqUltimate Texas Hold’em102001No
LuxorUltimate Texas Hold’em51002No
M ResortUltimate Texas Hold’em51002No
Mandalay BayUltimate Texas Hold’em255003No
MGM GrandUltimate Texas Hold’em102001No
MirageUltimate Texas Hold’em155003No
Monte CarloUltimate Texas Hold’em52001No
NYNYUltimate Texas Hold’em102002No
OrleansUltimate Texas Hold’em5504No
Palace StationUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
PalazzoUltimate Texas Hold’em1520002No
PalmsUltimate Texas Hold’em53001No
PalmsUltimate Texas Hold’em500100001No
ParisUltimate Texas Hold’em102001No
Planet HollywoodUltimate Texas Hold’em52001No
Planet HollywoodUltimate Texas Hold’em102002No
PlazaUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
RampartUltimate Texas Hold’em5502No
Red RockUltimate Texas Hold’em55002No
Red RockUltimate Texas Hold’em105002No
RioUltimate Texas Hold’em105001No
Sam’s TownUltimate Texas Hold’em51001No
Santa Fe StationUltimate Texas Hold’em5503No
SilvertonUltimate Texas Hold’em5502No
Sahara Las VegasUltimate Texas Hold’em103001No
South PointUltimate Texas Hold’em51003No
StratosphereUltimate Texas Hold’em5502No
SuncoastUltimate Texas Hold’em5252No
The DUltimate Texas Hold’em5501No
Treasure IslandUltimate Texas Hold’em103001No
TropicanaUltimate Texas Hold’em101002No
VenetianUltimate Texas Hold’em2520001No
WestgateUltimate Texas Hold’em51001No
WynnUltimate Texas Hold’em155006No
WynnUltimate Texas Hold’em255001No
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