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Progressive betting systems help you make the best of your winnings in the streaks you encounter. You can use them at online casino table games where even-money bets are on the line.

These betting systems call for changing wager amounts frequently. This in-depth guide will explain the various progressive betting methods, advantages, and cons.

progressive betting strategies

Betting systems add a systematic approach when placing your game wagers. Although there are multiple methods, most of them can fall into two categories, positive or negative progressive betting.

With progressive betting, you raise or reduce your wager amount according to the results of a previous one. You can use them in games where a wide range of betting limits are available.

Progressive betting makes a game more fun and can help you win in the short term. However, wagering in progressive increments is not profitable in the long run. The following chart summarizes the differences between the two types of betting systems.

Positive vs. Negative Progressive Systems

Positive Progressive Betting

  • Increases bets when you win
  • Lowers stakes when you lose
  • Systems are easy to learn
  • Enhances winning streaks

Negative Progressive Betting

  • Increases wagers when you lose
  • Decreases stakes when you win
  • Some systems are more complex
  • Helps recover from losing streaks

Positive Progression Betting Systems

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Positive progressive betting calls for increasing your wager when you win and decreasing the bet amount when you lose. These methods take advantage of winning streaks and help minimize losses during losing streaks.

In theory, while the philosophy is sound, it doesn’t affect your chances of winning any individual play. It’s worth mentioning that betting systems can sometimes lead to gambler’s fallacy, a belief that a previous game’s results will influence a future game’s outcome. In games such as blackjack, you should follow a game strategy.

Benefits of Positive Progressive Betting

  • You have a chance at higher profits.
  • Progressive betting makes the most of winning streaks.
  • They are simple and quick to learn.

Types of Positive Progression Betting Methods

The following are some of the most popular positive progressive betting systems. Learn how each one works and try them out the next time you play in online casinos.


Paroli Betting System Infographic

The Paroli System is one of the most popular progressive methods because it is easy to learn.

You start with a base bet amount according to your budget and the game’s betting limits. You make a wager, and when you win, you increase your bet by the base amount.

You continue to increase by that amount until you lose a play. At that point, you return to the base stake amount.


Parlay Betting System Infographic

Bettors know parlays for their risk-reward, and this system offers the same kind of action.

Here you use a base bet, and when you win, you wager your winnings in addition to your original base bet. When you hit a loss, you return to your initial wager.

Example: Bet $5, win, bet $15, win, bet $35, win, bet $75, lose and bet $5. Stake your base bet after losses.

Contra D’Alembert

This system is a reverse of the D’Alembert, which we explain below. It works like other progressive methods where you increase your stakes with each win. But with losses, you retreat by only a single unit.

Example: if you win your first wager of $5, you increase the bet to $10, then $15 on another win. On a loss, you decrease your stake by $5 to $10, etc.

If you lose on the base bet, stay with that unit until you win again.

Contra Dalembert System Infographic

Negative Progression Betting Systems

Negative Progressive Betting Icon

Negative progression betting involves reacting to losses with bigger wagers while lowering wagers on wins. The theory depends on the notion that the losing streak will end at some point, resulting in overall profits.

The hitch, of course, is the fact that cards, rolls, and spins are random, so no streak is guaranteed to end. These systems can lead to high-chip wagers in long losing streaks, so playing these out means having a sizeable bankroll at a table with a wide range of limits.

Benefits of Negative Progressive Betting

  • Systems offer a variety of risks.
  • Designed to recover losses
  • Some methods are easy to learn.

Types of Negative Progression Betting Methods

Learn more about these common negative progressive betting systems and try them out when playing your favorite online casino games.


Martingale Betting System Infographic

The Martingale system is one of the most popular methods and is easy to learn. Here, you double your stake each time you lose and bet your base amount on each win.

As long as the player eventually wins, they end the series with a $5 profit. However, The Wizard of Odds once ran a computer simulation with a billion hands of blackjack, which compared flat models to the Martingale system that proved flat betting was the best option.

Example: If you win your first wager of $5, you again bet $5. Then if you lose, you bet $10, lose again and bet $20, lose again and wager $40 until you win and go back to $5.


Dalembert Betting System Infographic

With the D’Alembert method, you increase your bet by the base unit with each loss and lower by the base unit with a win. When you win with the base amount, you stay with that amount.

The ups and downs are less drastic than other systems. While the d’Alembert system doesn’t expose players to the amount of risk that Martingale does, it also doesn’t cover your losses after a winning hand. At best, you’ll recoup a portion of your starting bankroll.

Example: Bet $5, win, bet $5 bet, lose, bet $10, lose and bet $15. If the $15 is followed by a win, it retreats to $10, then to $5 again with another loss.


Fibonacci Betting System Infographic

The Fibonacci system is more complicated because it uses an uneven sequence of numbers.

In the Fibonacci Sequence, each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers, so the series goes like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377 and so on.

This is your progression of betting after each consecutive loss. After a win, you wager two numbers down in the sequence until you are back at the beginning with one.

The difficulty comes in memorizing the sequence and keeping track of your wins and losses.

It requires discipline, but it will help you win if you avoid long losing streaks.


Labouchere Betting System Infographic

The Labouchere method starts with a sequence of numbers. We will open with 1-2-3.

Each wager should be the sum of the first and last numbers in the sequence, so start betting $4 (1+3=4). If you win, you take out the first and last numbers and are left with $2. But if you lose, you add that original bet to the end of the sequence. So you would have 1-2-3-4 and would bet $5 (1+4=5) next.

Win, and you are left with 2-3 and bet 5. Win again and start a new sequence. Any time you are left with a single number in the line, the cycle is over, and you begin with a new one.

Other Betting Systems You Should Know

As you can see, betting systems can add a level of entertainment to your gameplay experience. The following are some additional betting methods you can try on your next gaming session.

Grand Martingale

This one is the same as the Martingale system with an extra unit added. You wager double plus one unit after a loss. In other words, bet $5, lose, then bet $15 (5×2=10+5=15), lose, then bet $35 (15×2=30+5=35), and so on. Like Martingale, return to your original bet amount after a win.


Often called Reverse Martingale, this works opposite the Martingale system. You bet a unit, lose and wager one-half the unit. If you win, bet double until you lose, then retreat to one-half of the previous bet. As with other betting systems, employ this with even-money or 1:1 payout wagers.

Oscar’s Grind

This system calls for choosing a target amount for winning and betting that amount. If you lose or tie, repeat the wager. If you win the first bet, you have reached your goal and can get out or increase the stake by the same amount. You play until you obtain your goal amount or exhaust your bankroll from losses.

For example, if your goal is to win $100, you bet $100. With a win, you obtain your target, but if you lose, you bet $100 again, again, and again until you are $100 ahead.


With this system, you follow the sequence as you win and return to your original bet when you lose or complete the series. For example, wager $2, win, bet $6, win, bet $4, win, bet $12, win, bet $2, etc.

  • Keefer Roulette system
  • 2-1-2 (Manhattan) Betting System
  • Charting the Wheel Betting System
  • Lucky Numbers Betting System
  • Single Repeats Betting System
  • In Red We Trust Betting System

What is Flat Betting?

Flat Betting System Infographic

Flat betting is the most reliable and straightforward way to wager. You just bet the same amount with every round, no matter the result. Unlike progressive systems, you don’t have to worry about a table limit after a series of wins or losses. Nor do you have to worry about blowing your bankroll unless you hit a long losing streak.

Pro tip: Flat betting is considered the safest and best strategy when playing casino games.

The Best Betting Strategies for Casino Games

In theory, you can use progressive betting in any game. However, wagering strategies are mainly used in games with 1:1 odds or close bets. It could be a standard wager in blackjack; red-black, even-odd, high-low in roulette; or player-banker in baccarat.

We like blackjack and baccarat the best because the limited betting options make it easier to keep up with results. But it is fun to try the systems with any games. Just pay attention to your bankroll and create a method that works by getting out at the right time.

Blackjack Betting

Progressive Betting Blackjack Icon

Progressive betting in blackjack can be fun, but the game offers the option of doubling down and splitting, and those options can throw a system off. Many experts suggest not splitting or doubling when using a progressive betting method, which takes you out of basic blackjack strategy.

If you use a progressive system and don’t hit the table limit, you can win money. But these methods do not account for long losing streaks. So your best choice is to use one of these systems for short sessions.

To learn more, visit our in-depth blackjack strategy guide.

Roulette Betting

Progressive Betting Roulette Icon

Roulette has a lot of numbers and wager options. You need to consider only three for progressive betting – red-black, even-odd, or 1-18/19-36. They are the even-money wagers and best for progressive methods.

But keep in mind that every spin of the wheel results in a random number. So again, a system does not account for losing streaks of six or seven spins. It is best to use a method for shorter sessions of roulette.

To learn more, check out our detailed roulette strategy guide.

Baccarat Betting

Progressive Betting Baccarat Icon

Baccarat is another even odds game conducive to any betting system, positive or negative progression. That is as long as you stay away from the tie bet. The Tie bet pays 8:1, but the chances of hitting are worse than the payout odds.

Also, note that even though most baccarat tables collect a 5% commission for a Banker bet win, your chances of winning are slightly better. So, betting on either Banker or Player is suitable for playing out a betting system. As usual, be aware of the table betting limits.

To learn more, read our detailed baccarat strategy guide.

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Make Your Bets and Play Real Money Casino Games

Progressive betting systems put extra excitement into even-money wagers. Try them, and you may find one that works for you. The best way to learn progressive betting is to try them online at one of our top-rated casino sites.

Independent agencies rate the deals, spins, and rolls at these casinos for random results. And the games move along fast enough for you to get an idea of how they work.

FAQ – Betting Systems

The following are some of the most common questions players ask about betting systems.

Do any betting systems work?

Some betting systems can increase your odds of producing a profit in the short term. However, it is well known that they can’t achieve a long-term advantage over the house.

What is the best betting system?

The best betting system is flat betting. This strategy is the safest because you bet the same amount on every round you play. This method is mainly used for blackjack and roulette.

What is progressive betting in blackjack?

Progressive betting in blackjack is when you increase your bets on each hand rather than using a flat betting strategy. Essentially, you keep doubling your bet every time you lose until you finally win a hand. Experts suggest not splitting or doubling when using a progressive betting method.

Is progressive betting allowed in casinos?

Yes, you are allowed to use progressive betting systems at casinos. It’s important to note that this system does not work in the long run. It mainly offers results in the short term.

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