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Utah Casinos & Gambling
  • Utah has no forms of regulated gambling
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  • Gambling is illegal for all ages
  • Utah’s indoor smoking ban covers everything except hotel rooms.
  • All forms are specifically illegal under state law

Utah gambling is nonresistant, as it is one of only two states in the country without any forms of gambling. There is no state lottery. Charities cannot even hold bingo games or raffles. Indian tribes in Utah are not able to offer any forms of gambling because none are legal at the state level and no governor has agreed to create a gaming compact.

There are, however, plenty of establishments that will hold events called “casino parties”. These are establishments that provide all of the games found in a casino, but without any real money being wagered. Everything used is for fun and free, like playing poker or blackjack on social gaming sites. You can find some top Utah casino party establishments below.

Types of Utah Online Gambling

No online gamblingThere are no forms of legalized online casino gambling in Utah. State law clearly forbids any of it. No sites operating in Utah have a license. This includes poker, casino, daily fantasy sports, and sports betting websites. Daily fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel claim to be skill games and not covered by this law. Utah officials have yet to act on this position.

Types of Live Utah Gambling

There are no forms of live gambling, making it hard to find any Utah casinos. Residents must go to Wyoming for horse racing and lotteries. Nevada offers casino and sports betting action. Even though there are plenty of tribes that reside within the sate, there are no Indian casinos in Utah.

Utah gambling lawsUtah does not permit any forms of gambling under state law. The Utah Constitution states that the,

Legislature shall not authorize any game of chance, lottery or gift enterprise under any pretense or for any purpose.

Gambling is defined as anything where a player puts up something of value with the understanding of an outcome that wins if the game is determined by an element of chance.

First offenders of gambling crimes are guilty of a misdemeanor. Repeat offenders may face felony charges.

Utah online gambling is illegal in all forms. It is one of the few states that codified this into law. This includes poker, casino games, and sports betting. It is a misdemeanor to play at any unlicensed gambling site.

Where to Gamble in Utah

There are no casinos in Utah and gambling is nonexistent and cannot be found anywhere, at least not legally. People looking for a casino in southern Utah can drive to Mesquite in Nevada near the state line. Las Vegas is about one hour further. Salt Lake City residents can drive east to Evanston, Wyoming for horse racing and lottery tickets. There are a few Indian casinos north of Salt Lake City in Wyoming. There are full-service casinos about two hours west of Salt Lake City in West Wendover, Nevada.

Utah Casinos Map & Guide to Party Establishments

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Utah Gambling History

Utah casinos historyUtah is a very conservative state that is home to the largest Mormon population in the country. A majority of residents are opposed to gambling. There have been no serious attempts to legalize gambling in the state at any level, including giving licenses for casinos in Utah.

In March 2012, the state went a step further than its ban on all gambling. It made playing online poker, casino games and sports betting a crime. It is a misdemeanor to play at any gambling site on the Internet. This caused a few offshore sites to leave the market.

Utah did this in response to efforts in Congress to legalize online poker. One bill would have opted states in automatically instead of legislating the activity. This would have required states to specifically opt out of the games. Utah lawmakers wanted to make sure that their residents could never legally bet over the Internet.

Utah Casinos & Gambling FAQ

Is it legal to gamble in Utah?

No. There are no forms of gambling and casinos in Utah. It is one of just two states without any forms of gambling. Hawaii is the other.

Where is the closest casino to Salt Lake City?

The closest casinos to Salt Lake City are in West Wendover, Nevada. It is about two hours away.

Where is the closest casino to St. George?

Mesquite, Nevada is the city with the closest casinos to St. George. It is about one hour away.

Where is the closest horse racing track to Utah?

Evanston, Wyoming is the home to Wyoming Downs, the closest track to most Utah residents.

Where is the closest state to buy Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets for Utah residents?

Residents in the north part of Utah can go to Wyoming or Idaho for lottery tickets. Southern Utahans can go to Colorado or Arizona. Nevada does not have a lottery.

Is it illegal to play online poker or casino games in Utah?

Yes. State law makes it a misdemeanor.

Has anyone ever been convicted of online gambling in Utah?

No. There have been no charges filed for violating that law.

Are daily fantasy sports contests legal in Utah?

Daily fantasy sports sites are not specifically legal in Utah. The sites claim to be skill contests. The Utah attorney general and lawmakers have made no decision on the matter.

Are there any states where all gambling is illegal?

Yes. Utah and Hawaii have no forms of legalized gambling.