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There are only a few Wyoming casinos, seeing as it has the lowest population of any state. The Wyoming casino and gambling industry lagged behind the rest of the country as there was little interest by residents. Most state’s that border Wyoming offers a wide range of gambling.

The population of Wyoming is concentrated along its state lines, leaving little demand for gaming options within its borders. That has changed slightly in recent years. There are several forms of legal Wyoming gambling. These include a state lottery, horse racing, off-track betting, and Tribal Wyoming casinos.

Wyoming Casinos & Gambling
Wyoming Legal Gambling Age18
Number of Casinos3
Estimated Casino Revenue$20 Million
Smoking banNo ban
Can You Gamble Online in Wyoming?Yes
Wyoming Online GamblingHorse Racing

Types of Legal Wyoming Online Gambling

Horseracing iconThe only form of legal online Wyoming gambling is off-track betting. Wagers may be placed on horse races through sites and mobile apps offered by TVG, TwinSpires, and BetAmerica. 

Daily fantasy sports sites appear to be legal in Wyoming. The state legislature and attorney general have avoided the issue. Daily fantasy sites assert that they fall under Wyoming’s skill gaming laws. DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo!, and CBS Sports are among the companies that accept action from Wyoming players.

There are more than 100 online casino gambling sites with poker and sports betting sites that accept Wyoming players. None of these companies are licensed to operate in the state.

Types of Live Wyoming Gambling

There are four types of live gambling permitted in Wyoming. This includes a state lottery, bingo, horse racing, and reservation casinos. Wyoming voters approved a state lottery in 2013. Interstate lotto drawings are the only form of tickets available through the Wyoming Lottery. It is one of just two states that do not allow instant games. North Dakota is the other. The state constitution does not permit any other games or a video lottery.

Horse racing is offered at Wyoming Downs. This includes live races and off-track betting. Taverns may also be licensed to accept bets on simulcast races.

Charities may offer bingo. The games are also permitted on reservations.

Types of Legal Gambling in Wyoming
Game TypeIs it Legal?
Horse RacingYes
Sports BettingNo

There are three tribal Wyoming casinos operating in the state. All are near the Utah and Idaho borders. Wyoming casinos may offer video poker, slot machines, live poker tables, and table games that require skill. Games of luck, including craps and roulette, are not permitted at Wyoming tribal casinos.

Wyoming’s social gambling laws permit live poker as long as the house does not take a rake. Many taverns throughout the state offer cash games and tournaments. These generate a draw that increases alcohol and food sales, but not gaming revenue.

Wyoming gambling lawsThe Wyoming gambling laws are strict, despite it being a liberal state. Wyoming casinos are only permitted on tribal land. Even then, table games that are pure luck are forbidden. Slot machines, video poker, and games using cards that involve at least some level of skill are permitted at reservation casinos. This includes live poker rooms.

Historical racing machines were legalized in 2013. These games are essentially slot machines that use past horse races to determine an outcome using slot symbols. The games were declared illegal by Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael. The games included bonus rounds unrelated to the pertaining races. New games are under development in the hope to comply with the law.

The Wyoming Lottery does not offer as many games as those in most states. Scratch-off tickets, keno games for money, and online sales are all prohibited. This only leaves lotto drawings. These are networked with other states, lowering the overhead of operations. The Wyoming Lottery may only sell tickets to Cowboy Draw, a statewide lotto, Power Ball, and Mega Millions.

Bingo is permitted, but only by registered charities. Wyoming reservations may also offer bingo.

List of Wyoming Casinos

The only live racetrack in Wyoming is Wyoming Downs. It is located in Evanston, just east of the Utah border. There are eight off-track betting parlors located in taverns throughout the state.

Tribal Casinos in Wyoming

There are currently only three Wyoming casinos, and all of them are operated by Tribes on their reservation land, as per the laws established. Below you will find the Wyoming casino locations and websites. Use our Wyoming casinos map and guide for more detailed information on how to get to these locations.

Little Wind Casino – Ethete179 Slot Machines685 WY-132www.windriverhotelcasino.com
Shoshone Rose Casino – Lander330 Slot Machines5690 US Highway 287www.shoshonerose.com
Wind River Casino – Riverton800 Slot Machines10269 WY-789www.windriverhotelcasino.com

History of Wyoming Gambling

Wyoming casinos historyThe first form of legalized gambling in Wyoming is racing. Wyoming Downs is the last remaining live track in the state. It ceased operations in 2010 but returned the next year.

The first Wyoming casino opened in 2009. Wind River Casino in Riverton was the first to go live. Two other Wyoming  casinos related to the tribe opened in the 2010’s. Slots and video poker were the first forms of legalized casino-style games in Wyoming. This later expanded to blackjack and live poker.

The Wyoming Lottery was created on March 13, 2013. It did not require a statewide referendum. The first ticket was sold three and a half months later. WyoLotto does not sell scratch-off tickets. It is only permitted to sell lotto tickets.

Taverns in Wyoming determined that live poker was legal under the state’s skill gaming law in the 2010’s. These bars may not take a rake. Their profits are created through drink and food sales.

Wyoming Regulated Gambling
Instant Racing2013

Wyoming Casinos & Gambling FAQ

Are there casinos in Wyoming?

Yes. Wind River Casino has three locations in Wyoming. All are located in the western part of the state.

What is the minimum gambling age in Wyoming?

The minimum Wyoming gambling age is 18 years. This includes players that gamble on the race tracks, bingo, and Tribal casinos.

Is poker legal in Wyoming?

Wind River Casino offers live poker. Taverns throughout the state also spread it.

Does Wyoming have a state lottery?

Yes, but it only sells lotto tickets that include Powerball and Mega Millions.

Is instant racing legal in Wyoming?

Yes, but it is currently suspended as the bonus rounds were deemed illegal by the Wyoming attorney general.

Is horse racing legal in Wyoming?

Yes, but the only live track is Wyoming Downs in Evanston.

Is off-track betting legal in Wyoming?

There are eight taverns that offer off-track betting. Wyoming Downs also has it.

Is online gambling legal in Wyoming?

The only form of legal online gambling in Wyoming is off-track betting.

Are daily fantasy sports sites legal in Wyoming?

DraftKings, FanDuel, and others appear to skill games under Wyoming law.

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