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Written by: Aaron Kim , Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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Going to the casino is always a joyful event filled with promise and hope. You want to live up to the casino’s standards and follow proper etiquette. If you don’t know how to conduct yourself, you could find people start to get annoyed at you, and the environment sour. You might even find yourself kicked out!

Check out our helpful tips on how to have the correct casino etiquette. These suggestions will help you, and everyone around you, have a great time!

Casino Etiquette | What to Do and What Not To Do

Here are 12 tips on how to behave at casinos properly.


Turn Your Mobile Device Off

casino etiquette tip 1 – turn off your mobile

The first and most important piece of etiquette we can give you is to turn off your mobile device. Either way, you won’t be able to access it during a hand or sometimes even while you’re sitting at the table.

Not only is it rude, but it could also be considered cheating by the casino. Do everyone a favor, including yourself, and turn it off before you sit down. Or at least keep it in your pocket on silent mode!


Learn the Hand Signals

casino etiquette tip 2 - learn the hand signals

In games like blackjack, there are specific hand signals and movements that will help accelerate the game. If you’re stumbling over words and terminologies, you can hold the table up, and you’ll feel the spotlight on you.

Depending on which game you’re playing, it’s essential to understand what hand gesture stands for a hit, stand, double down, etc.


Learn the Rules

casino etiquette tip 3 - learn the rules

Casinos are always beginner-friendly, but it helps if you know what you’re doing. When you take your place at the game table, you should already know basic strategies and tips.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play before or need a quick refresher, you can read our step-by-step guides of the most popular casino games. Brush up on your knowledge, and start playing today!


Buying Chips

casino etiquette tip 4 - buying chips

Depending on how much you’re going to play with, you’ll have a few options available to you. If you want to gamble with a few thousand dollars, you might have to conduct a direct deposit to the casino’s bank (which you can do at the cashier).

For amounts less than $500, you can use the ATMs. If you have extra cash leftover, head on over to the cashier to exchange it for chips! For various reasons, the house can only accommodate exchanging denominations of $5 or $10.


Cashing Out

casino etiquette tip 5 - cashing out

There’s a structure to cashing out. You must wait for all players’ hands to finish before you exit the table, and you should wait patiently for the cashier to help you.

There’s not much to be said here, but common courtesy goes a long way! So make sure that everyone has played their round and cashed out before stepping out of the game.


Tipping the Dealer 

casino etiquette tip 6 - tipping the dealer

The dealer is the heartbeat of a casino, the captain of the ship. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our favorite games.

Their technical ability, knowledge of the game, hospitality, and people skills are all that make a great dealer. If the dealer made your gameplay experience more enjoyable, give them a tip!


Tipping Waitresses

casino etiquette tip 7 - tipping the waitresses

A lot goes into keeping customers happy, and the hospitality crew is often forgotten. They put a lot of hard work into making sure you get your alcohol, beverages, and food on time, so try to remember to show a bit of appreciation!

You can choose to tip with chips or with cash, and any bit helps the whole team.


Don’t Touch Cards Unless You Are Told You Can

casino etiquette tip 8 - don't touch cards unless you are told you can

The reason why you’re not supposed to touch cards until you’re told to is so that the casino can monitor if everyone is playing fairly.

You’ll be surprised by the things those with a shifty sleight of hand can do. If you accidentally touch the cards, the dealer will kindly remind you not to—so don’t feel nervous!


Don’t Talk About Someone Else’s Strategy

casino etiquette tip 9 - don't talk about someone else's strategy

Banter is part and parcel of the gambling environment. Chatting with friends, meeting new people, interacting with the dealer, and overall having a great time is what makes showing up to the casino an endearing adventure.

But keep specific gambling strategies and tactics out of the tables as it can create a tense environment.


Dress Appropriately

casino etiquette tip 10 - dress appropiately

There’s no dress code in a casino, but there’s a reason why this article is about etiquette and not rules. No one wants to sit next to someone who hasn’t showered, stinks, and wears dirty clothes.

It’s not a requirement, but we recommend you show up respectably and stay mindful of those around you. If we create a clean and safe environment, we can all have fun together.


Don’t Drink Too Much

casino etiquette tip 11 - don't drink too much

Drinking too much may seem like a good idea when you’re getting lost in the flow of the night, but you can make a lot of rash decisions and perhaps make a big mistake.

By all means, if a few drinks help elevate your night and raise morale, go for it. But be cautious to avoid losing control, and make sure you drink moderately and drink plenty of water!


Be a Gracious Loser

casino etiquette tip 12 - be a gracious loser

Don’t be a sore loser. It’s never a good idea to have a temper tantrum because you lost. Everyone should know that the basic philosophy you should employ when walking into a casino is to never play with more than you can lose.

Therefore, you need to be prepared to lose and to walk out with your head held high and, hopefully, a smile on your face.

Use These Pieces of Advice and Play with Casino Etiquette!

Now that you know the golden nuggets on how to behave when you gamble, you can go out there and have unrequited fun! Take advantage of these casino etiquette tips to make the most out of your gameplay while making the gambling experience enjoyable for yourself and others. It’s easy to have a great time while also staying respectful.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and play from the comfort of your home, check out these legit online gambling sites for a safe and satisfying experience. Sign up and get started today!

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