4 Ways to Play Bingo at Home

Written by: Aaron Kim , Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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A couple of decades ago, you would have traveled to a community hall, but today, you can play Bingo at home easier than ever before!

Gather some supplies and your friends and family, and get ready for a fun rainy day activity. Between board games, DIY sites, and advancements in online casino technology, we can all play Bingo from the comfort of our homes. 

Ways to Play Bingo at Home

The advent of COVID-19 brought about mass quarantine, and with that came a lot of boredom. Thankfully we can enjoy several games with only the internet or a few basic craft supplies. Give one or all of these at home Bingo solutions a try:

  • Buy a Bingo Board Game

    You can find complete kits with cards, balls, spinning cages, and marker pieces
    at several retail stores or online shops. Set your own rewards and prizes and see if you can beat your loved ones!
  • Social Bingo Apps

    Search up “Bingo” in your smartphone’s app store
    , and you’ll be surprised how many results pop up. They are most likely all play money apps, but if you crave that Bingo action, you can get in on huge multiplayer games and interact with real people.
  • Real Money Online Bingo

    If you want to add some spice to your gameplay, you can play Bingo at home with real money at online casinos. Most sites have a couple of options in the specialty section, so sign in or sign up and look around.
  • Make Your Own Bingo Game

    If all else fails or you want a little arts and crafts project, make your own Bingo game! You can draw or print cards, call numbers out of a hat, and mark spaces with pennies if you have to.

Best Sites for Online Bingo From Home

Best Online Bingo Sites

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Where to Play The Best Bingo Games

Want to play real money bingo at home? Online casinos make it possible! You can create an account and deposit as little as $20 or $25. With funds in your account, go ahead and pick your favorite game, an you’ll be playing bingo right from your house in under five minutes. These legit sites all have fantastic bonus offers for new players.

Try This Free Bingo Game

You can play this Bingo game at home for free. Get. a new pattern each round and try to collect the highest prize with the fewest balls.

How to Make Your Own Home Bingo Game

If you want to engage the family in a bit of a project, try making your own home Bingo game. It can be a great way of gathering everyone together for a good bit of fun.

All you need is a printer and a few basic supplies so you can play Bingo in your house in under 20 minutes.

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Generate Bingo Cards

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a Bingo Card Generator and print off some cards.

You’ll save a lot of time not writing down a bunch of random numbers on a grid. Also, it’s just neater if it’s printed rather than hand-done.

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Find Some Markers

Part of the bingo experience is about crossing out the numbers as they roll out, so we recommend you get creative for this step!

Use buttons, coins, markers, highlighters, anything you can get your hands on to help the players track their progress.

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Calling Numbers

There are a few ways you can go about calling out Bingo numbers. Some websites and apps do it for you, or you could put numbers in a hat.

If you want to get really creative, you can draw them on ping-pong balls for a more authentic experience!

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Give Out Prizes

The best part about home Bingo games is that you can get creative with the prizes.

Of course, you can reward the winners with cold hard cash. Some other great rewards include candy, toys, gift cards, crafts, and gift baskets.

Stuck at Home? Don’t Miss Out on Bingo Night!

Whether you’re stuck in quarantine or simply want to plan a family activity, you’ll love playing Bingo at home! There are so many ways to enjoy the game. Alternately, you can interact with the masses online for prizes and cash through apps and casino sites.

Take the energy of the hall to your living room and play with your family and friends. If you’re interested in playing with real money, check out our top online Bingo casino Ducky Luck.

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