The True Story Behind Molly’s Game

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Mollys Game vs Molly Bloom

Molly’s Game is a film based on Molly Bloom’s autobiography book. Although quite an extremity, the story is relevant to those who enjoy playing poker as it undresses the veil over the industry and how criminals operate and get punished.

As with every movie adaptation of a real-life event, some artistic interpretations are embedded into the story to make it more dramatic. Although some facts don’t align with the real story, the overarching theme is relevant and poignant. 

But how accurate are the details from the book to the movie? Keep reading to find out which events were factual and which were exaggerated for dramatic effect.

How Accurate is Molly’s Game?

Molly had a significant role in the screenwriting for this movie, but some edits were made to make the story as captivating as possible. Let’s delve into some of the details that are different between the book and movie.

The Skiing Accident

Mollys Game Ski Accident

The most glaring difference between Molly Bloom’s life accounts is her ski accident during an Olympic qualifying event. Molly claims that this event changed her life from an Olympic hopeful into a “poker princess.” This accident did, in fact, not happen

Molly had some niggling injuries throughout her skiing career, especially when she was younger. However, she stopped skiing due to her epiphany that pursuing an Olympic career was not for her.

According to Molly’s book, her father was a strict man who always pushed his children to push the boundaries of their abilities, and Molly felt that she was not living life on her terms. 

The Cobra Lounge is Not Real

Mollys Game The Viper Room

The movie’s spot where all the poker games took place was in the flashy club called “The Cobra Lounge.” This was an artistic adaptation in the film, perhaps due to potential legal issues the producers would face if they displayed the real club in the movie.

The actual club was called “The Viper Room,” located on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. It was co-owned by Johnny Depp in the early 90s to early 00s and was a hotspot for A-listers and celebrities. Therefore, the claim that Molly Bloom saw several celebrities is accurate.

The Viper Room” is notorious as the location where River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix’s late brother, overdosed on Halloween morning in 1993. 

Player X’s Character Was Not Totally Accurate

Mollys Game Player X

It is public knowledge at this point that Toby Macguire played an integral part in Molly Bloom’s biography, as she referenced him as a unique individual due to his toxicity in the poker room.

In the movie, Michael Cera played Toby Macguire. However, there are a few embellishments and redactions to the movie character to advance the story.

Events such as Player X’s introduction, how certain scenes played out, and others were dramatic representations. A fun fact about Toby Macguire, or Player X, is that he once offered Bloom $1,000 to bark like a seal.

Charlie Jaffey Wasn’t Part of Molly Bloom’s Legal Team

Mollys Game Charlie Jaffey

Idris Elba plays Charlie Jaffey in the movie adaptation of Molly’s Game. Although it is unsure what the purpose of this character’s inclusion in the story is, it is speculated that Jaffey acts as more of a representation of the director, Aaron Sorkin.

Upon meeting Bloom for the first time, he is doubtful of Bloom but begins to be inspired by her story.

That isn’t to say Bloom didn’t employ a legal team. With her lawyers’ diligent help, Bloom was punished with a relatively light sentence of year probation, a $200,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service. 

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