What the Hell is Twitch & Using It for Online Gambling

Written by: Sadonna Price, OUSC Expert in Online Casinos and Poker
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Twitch LogoPractice makes perfect, or so they say and what better place to learn than from industry experts. This is exactly the foundation of Twitch, where users can watch and learn how to do about almost anything from people that know how to do it well.

Twitch is a popular online service where users can watch or stream digital video broadcasts. Founded in 2011, Twitch was created to focus on video games, but it has since exploded to cover a ton of categories, including online casino gaming. There are over 2 million unique streamers available online each month, so online casino fans will have no trouble finding a channel to view that offers premium access to casino gameplay.

What makes Twitch so unique is that casino gaming fans can watch as players from around the world enjoy casino games online. Twitch users can stream footage as they play, which gives fans insight into games from online casinos that they might not have access to.

Streaming Online Casino Game Play

Twitch Live StreamingBecause Twitch was so popular among video gamers, online casino players found a community where they could share their gaming experiences as well. Twitch channels featuring online casino gaming have become popular because players want to see how games are played and what they offer. Twitch streams can provide insight into how bonuses work at casinos as well as other info that players might want to learn more about before starting online casino game play themselves.

Making Money While Gaming

Twitch BitsTwitch is not only a streaming service but an opportunity for users to make a profit. People use Twitch to make a living by becoming a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Requirements must be met in order for the stream to be popular enough to earn money but once it is approved, the profits can really roll in. Twitch Affiliates are provided Bits, which are a form of mini-donations from viewers. They also receive 5% of game sale revenues that are made via their profile. Video game streamers make a ton of cash by using Twitch and casino gamers are starting to get involved as well.

If you are an online casino gamer, you can make money via Twitch by having a popular channel. Paid subscriptions can help to boost your earnings as well as earning Bits from your channel. Sponsorships and advertisements are also great ways to earn money via the streaming service.

Recommended Twitch Channels for Online Casino Players

If you are looking for Twitch channels to watch casino gaming, we have a few suggestions.


This channel features scheduled content with a starting balance for the player as well as a bet size limit. Players can watch as the gamer from Norway takes on online casinos, playing such games as those created by Microgaming, Play’n GO, Net Entertainment and more.


A gamer to follow, David’s channel features live gameplay as it happens. David plays a large selection of slot games, so his videos on Twitch feature a variety of games where you can see just how they are played and what to expect with winning combinations.


This is one of the more popular channels on Twitch featuring online casino game play. Here, players can check out past videos which include big wins, major bets, and live gameplay.

Slots Judge

This Twitch channel is dedicated to helping players learn more about slot games and earning money by taking advantages of bonus options.

These are just a few examples of Twitch Channels or players you will find online streaming content for your viewing pleasure.

Do Online Casinos have Twitch Channels?

It doesn’t appear that any online casinos have dedicated Twitch Channels as of yet. However, it shouldn’t be too hard to find channels that cover the type of games you enjoy, such as slots, blackjack and video poker. The search function of Twitch allows you to find channels based on what games you like, so you can search for yourself to find a channel that appeals to your gameplay interests.

Final Thoughts on Twitch…

If you have never tried Twitch, give the site a visit! By searching for casino gaming channels, you will be able to learn a little bit about gameplay, plus possibly take advantage of a few new strategies along the way!

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