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Playing Cajun Stud at Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas Games Survey - Cajun Stud
Cajun Stud is the same game as Mississippi Stud. The mandatory bet is called the Ante. Players that choose this wager and refrain from making side bets will experience the exact game as Mississippi Stud.

The only difference between Cajun Stud and Mississippi Stud is that there are three sides bets. These side bets are optional. They are called Board Bonus, Pocket Bonus, and Lo-Ball. New York New York is the only casino in Las Vegas that spreads Cajun Stud.

How to Play Cajun Stud

Las Vegas Mississippi Stud PokerPlayers receive two cards. There are three community cards. There are three betting rounds. Each permits the player to wager one to three times the Ante or fold. The Ante and any subsequent raises are lost if the player folds at any point along the way.

One community card is exposed between each betting round. Players need a pair of sixes to tens to push the bets. A pair of jacks or better, as well as all other higher hands, give the player a profit for the hand.

A player that fails to make a pair of sixes or better, or folds, loses all bets. A player that folds and made side bets will have the hand protected to determine if there would have been a winner.

As of 2019 No Vegas Casino Offers Cajun Stud

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