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Mississippi Stud is a poker game that has installs at 18 Las Vegas casinos. All tables have a $5 or $10 minimum bet. Most of these games are found at Caesars Entertainment properties.

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How to Play Mississippi Stud?

#1: Place Ante Bet – Players start the game by making an Ante bet.  It’s important to have at least four times the Ante to be able to play the hand to completion. Players that do not will be unable to finish the hand and will be forced to fold.
#2: Two Cards Dealt – Players start with two cards dealt.  Three cards are placed face down in the center.  These are community cards used by all players at the table.  The dealer does not have any cards as the payouts are based solely on the rank of the hand made by the players.
#3: Bet or Fold – The player looks at the first two cards and determines whether to make a bet or fold.  The first community card is exposed.  Players must either make a bet or fold.  After this, the second community card is exposed. Players must again either make a bet or fold.  The last community card is then shown.

All of these wagers are equal to the Ante or three times it. In general, three times bets are reserved for those that have already one or have the potential to make a royal or straight flush.

Mississippi Stud Payout Table

The hand is graded based on the following pay table.  All stacks are paid equal.

Mississippi Stud Payout
Royal Flush500-1
Straight Flush100-1
Four of a Kind40-1
Full House6-1
Three of a Kind3-1
Two Pair2-1
Pair of Jacks or Better1-1
Pair of 6’s or 10’sPush

Mississippi Stud Strategy

Players should raise three times on the first betting round with any pair.  This goes to just one time if a player holds a card jack or higher or two cards six or higher.  Any other hand should be folded.

After the first community card is exposed, players should raise three times with a pair of 6’s or better or three straight flush cards that connect, have one gap and a card jack or higher or have two gaps and two cards jack or higher.  A one-time raise should be made on any three suited cards, a pair of 2’s through 5’s, and any open-ended straight draw.  A one-gap straight draw with at least two cards six and higher should also be made. Any other hand should be folded.

Players should raise three times on the Fifth Street bet if holding a pair of 6’s or higher, four suited cards and four to an open ended straight at least eight-high.  Raise one time on any straight draw, pair of 2’s through 5’s, four cards six and higher or two jacks and higher as well as any busted straight hand with at least three cards six and higher.

Playing Mississippi Stud in Las Vegas 2018

CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
4 QueensMississippi Stud51001No
AriaMississippi Stud105001No
Bally’sMississippi Stud102002No
BellagioMississippi Stud105001No
Caesars PalaceMississippi Stud251001No
Circus CircusMississippi Stud5251No
CromwellMississippi Stud101001No
FlamingoMississippi Stud101001No
Golden NuggetMississippi Stud5501No
Green Valley RanchMississippi Stud52002No
Harrah’sMississippi Stud101003No
LinqMississippi Stud101001No
LuxorMississippi Stud51001No
NYNYMississippi Stud51001No
PalazzoMississippi Stud1520001No
ParisMississippi Stud102003No
Planet HollywoodMississippi Stud101001No
RioMississippi Stud101001No
Treasure IslandMississippi Stud101001No
VenetianMississippi Stud1020002No

Mississippi Stud Vs. Cajun Stud

Cajun Stud is the same game as Mississippi Stud. The mandatory bet is called the Ante. Players who choose this wager and refrain from making side bets will experience the exact same game as Mississippi Stud.

The only difference between Cajun Stud and Mississippi Stud is that there are three sides bets. These side bets are optional. They are called Board Bonus, Pocket Bonus, and Lo-Ball. New York New York is the only casino in Las Vegas that spreads Cajun Stud.

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