Are Blockchain Casinos the Future of Online Gambling?

Written by: Webster Lupton, Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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New technology always helps drive the popularity of online gambling. Since Bitcoin introduced new security features with the cryptocurrency movement in 2008, blockchain casinos have hit the scene and started evolving.

Online gamblers are increasingly turning to the blockchain because of the speed, transparency, and safety it offers. Things like tokenization and the decentralized app, or dApp, are features the industry can use to its advantage.

The blockchain has, in effect, opened up a new world in how businesses do things online, and iGaming has become a big beneficiary

What is a Blockchain Casino?

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A blockchain casino operates almost totally through a decentralized public ledger of data that processes various functions over the internet. To put it more simply, all real money slot spins, dice rolls, and dealt hands get verified by numerous computers. The proof of every part is available to everyone.

Cryptocurrency platforms, like Bitcoin casinos, rely on this blockchain technology to confirm and protect monetary transactions, but it has many other uses. Companies use the same system in all sorts of functions, such as tracking the movement of goods and maintaining accounting records.

Are They Just Cryptocurrency Casinos?

Cryptocurrency casinos accept various virtual currencies as a form of deposit, but blockchain casinos do more. They use the ledger and smart contracts for most of their business operations, including rolls of dice or other propositions. The transparency of the blockchain system makes all games “provably fair.”

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology appeals to individuals and businesses that want to process information securely. Here are some reasons for its growing popularity:

  1. The Decentralized Structure Builds Trust

    No single server manages the transactions. The nature of the technologies verification system makes blockchain activity easy to view and hard to hack. People know they can safely use it and confirm their actions.
  2. Fully Transparent Ledger of Activities

    Anyone can view a blockchain and its movement. People from around the world with high-powered computers process and confirm each blockchain action.
  3. Improved Security and Privacy

    Blockchain functions can happen safely with complete anonymity. Without providing personal information, a user makes a secure transaction in complete privacy.
  4. Tokenization

    Some internet sites and apps use the blockchain to employ digital tokens as their own currencies. Like non-fungal tokens (NFTs), they are digital representations of ownership of items such as collectibles or online accounts.  
  5. Smart Contracts

    These are actions executed only under specific conditions or rules, like an if/then proposition. Blockchain casinos use them for gambling functions, and they aid in provable fairness.

The Online Gambling Market is Already Using the Blockchain

Online gambling sites like the blockchain because it cuts operational costs. It makes payments swift and straightforward and allows a website and its users to skip any user verification outside local regulations. Reducing overhead means a lower house edge, something all gamblers can appreciate. 

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For example, your blackjack deal, result, and payout to your wallet can all process on the blockchain instead of a single server. Some sites, such as Satoshi Dice, already host this simple process. Users sign on play directly, using their crypto signature as the only form of identification. The site serves only as a venue.

Top Online Casinos With Crypto Payments

Crypto payments at the following casinos provide safe deposit and withdrawals options because they rely on the security and anonymity of blockchain platforms.

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Blockchain Betting is In The Cards

While it is hard to find actual numbers of crypto gambling and sites, most estimates indicate that both are growing exponentially. And that growth should spur further reliance on blockchain technology.

With all of the advantages to online casinos and their users, the industry seems poised to make more significant strides toward employing the blockchain in more functions. It is sure to change how online casinos do business and how we gamble.

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