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Popular Casino Drinks

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Whether you like to sip a dirty martini at the baccarat table or prefer to throw back a rum and coke while spinning the reels, gambling and cocktails have always gone hand in hand.

Casinos traditionally offered free drinks to patrons to keep them in their seats. Now, the casino cocktail has become synonymous with the gambling experience. So, what should you order next time? Let’s look at some of the best casino drinks for quenching your thirst.

6 Must-Have Casino Cocktails

What makes a great casino drink? While opinions may vary, the common consensus is taste. The following casino cocktail recipes are proven to be certified crowd-pleasers.


Casino Cocktail

Casino Drink Cocktail

This classic, gin-forward cocktail has an air of sophistication, but don’t let its looks fool you. It packs a punch.

Gin gets mixed with lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, and a dash of orange bitters to complement its herbaceousness. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry, and voila: the perfect casino drink to sip at a blackjack table.


Gin & Tonic

Casino Drinks Gin & Tonic

You can’t go wrong with this winning combination. It’s complex on the palate yet at the same time one of the easiest-drinking cocktails

When tonic gets mixed with gin, the botanic, bittersweet flavors sing together in one sparkling, harmonious chord. A zesty squeeze of lime rounds it all off. Has there ever been a more foolproof cocktail? We don’t think so.



Casino Drinks Mojito

Many agree a Mojito is perhaps the most refreshing drink on a hot day. It makes sense that its birthplace is perpetually sunny Cuba. This one goes down all too easily with mint, citrus, and rum notes

A healthy amount of fresh mint leaves get muddled into a highball glass with simple syrup. Then it’s topped with white rum, lime juice, and club soda. It’s an effervescent treat for when you’re working up a sweat at the slot machines.


Vesper Martini

Casino Drinks Vesper Martini

Channel your inner James Bond by mirroring his first martini order in “Casino Royale.” The Vesper Martini is unique, combining gin and vodka to create a composed cocktail that is undeniably mysterious.

The addition of vodka pleasantly cuts the bite of the gin. French aperitif, Lillet Blanc, adds a hint of sweetness, and a twist of lemon gives it a citrus note. Grab your sunglasses, and you’re ready for that poker table with the original Casino Royale cocktail.


Old Fashioned

Casino Drinks Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is an elevated drink that doesn’t compromise the bourbon’s flavor. Subtle notes of orange let whiskey shine in this flawless blend.

Into a lowball glass goes simple syrup or a sugar cube, a splash of water, and a dash of bitters. Next comes the star of the show, the bourbon of your choice. It’s poured over ice and garnished with an orange peel and a cherry


Long Island

Casino Drinks Long Island

Can’t decide what liquor you want? How about all of them? The Long Island is a deceivingly delicious drink. Underneath its unassuming exterior is a knockout combination of gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and triple sec.

When topped with sweet and sour mix and a splash of cola, all of these liquors play very well together. Just be sure to proceed with caution.

Sip Your Favorite Casino Cocktails & Win Real Money!

As you can see, there are several options for ordering casino drinks. Try one of these popular options the next time you want to gamble and unwind. Better yet, make your own concoctions and play at our recommended online casinos from the comfort of your home.

Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes and to inform our readers about casino cocktails. does not advocate the overconsumption of alcohol. Drink responsibly, and do not gamble when your judgment may be impaired.

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