Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

Written by: Heather Ferris, Las Vegas Casino & Games Content Expert

When you sit at an online Live Dealer VIP Blackjack table, the minimum bet stands at $50, making for a more intense and entertaining experience.

Benefits of increasing the minimum bet at Live VIP Blackjack:

  • Live VIP Blackjack ensures that only a select group of bankrolled players will join the table
  • Reduced wait times, quicker gameplay
  • Increased privacy for people who prefer to bet a little higher

Live Dealer VIP Blackjack takes the same house rules and gameplay structure found in Evolution Gaming’s standard lineup of live dealer blackjack tables but ups the ante with higher minimum and maximum wagers.

Where to Play Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

Live dealer VIP blackjack tables are where you will find the high rollers placing big bets. Most online casinos offer this option, along with their regular live blackjack online games. Below are more live casinos that offer these higher betting limits for US players. Make sure to read through the casino reviews to make sure they are reputable and trusted. For the casinos without reviews, proceed with caution if you decide to play there.

Top US Online Casinos That Offer Live VIP Blackjack

You’ll find great live dealer blackjack tables with betting limits for all at the following gambling sites.

1 DuckyLuck Casino Logo DuckyLuck Casino MIN BET $10 MAX BET $2,000 Play Now
2 Bovada Casino Logo Bovada Casino MIN BET $5 MAX BET $10,000 Play Now
3 SlotsandCasino Logo SlotsandCasino MIN BET $10 MAX BET $2,000 Play Now
4 Wild Casino Logo Wild Casino MIN BET $5 MAX BET $20,000 Play Now
5 Red Dog Casino Logo Red Dog Casino MIN BET $10 MAX BET $2,500 Play Now

International Casinos That Offer Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

The live dealer VIP Blackjack concept was coined by Evolution Gaming as part of the company’s industry-leading assortment of live dealer table games. As such, you’ll only be able to find Live Dealer VIP Blackjack at online casino platforms which are powered by Evolution Gaming technology.

Play Now
Place higher bets as you play against the house at the exclusive live dealer VIP Blackjack tables.
gold casinointernational
Min: £/$50
Max: £/$5,000
Play at a 888 VIP Blackjack Table from 1pm – 1am every day for a chance to win a Bonus.
gold casinointernational
Min: $5
Max: $15,000
  • 32Red Casino
  • Betfair
  • Betsson
  • Betvictor
  • Black Diamond
  • Bodog Asia Live
  • Box24 Casino
  • Bwin
  • Casumo
  • Cloudbet
  • EuroGrand

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Typically, these online casinos will divide their casino game menu into the traditional and live dealer, so make sure to click through to the live dealer blackjack section in order to find VIP Blackjack.

How to Play Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

Live Dealer VIP Blackjack logoThe standard table setup for Live Dealer VIP Blackjack allows for seven seats, so you’ll typically see between one and seven “main game” players sitting at any one time. For players familiar with Evolution Gaming’s product line, take note that the popular Bet Behind option is not available on VIP Blackjack tables.

This decision actually makes perfect sense, as the Bet Behind function was designed to allow an unlimited number of players to take part in the action at a particular table. By allowing players to bet on the results of a main game player’s hand, or Bet Behind, this option turns any low stakes live dealer table into an action-packed venue where hundreds of wagers can be placed on a single hand.

But the whole point of a high stakes blackjack VIP table is, of course, exclusivity. Thus, when you sit for a session of Live Dealer VIP Blackjack, you can rest assured knowing that nobody is betting behind your action and that you’re playing alongside main game players only.

Eight Decks Used

A multiple deck shoe holding eight decks is used in Live Dealer VIP Blackjack, and as always with a live dealer product, part of the game’s appeal lies in watching the dealer slide cards out of the shoe and place them on the felt. By removing the computerized graphics and returning to genuine playing cards, Evolution Gaming’s live dealer blackjack casino games transport players into a casino environment.

Different VIP Blackjack Tables

Online casinos offer a different variety and level of VIP Blackjack tables, including:

  • Red Tables: $50 minimum.
  • Silver Tables: $50 minimum.
  • Platinum Tables: $250 minimum.
  • Diamond Tables: $1,000 minimum.

Even so, the basic VIP Blackjack area is still considered to the “sweet spot” for blackjack aficionados, offering the perfect blend of exclusivity and affordability.

Playing a Round of Live Dealer VIP Blackjack

It is important to note that no online casino offers live dealer games in a free version. That is why we added this video tutorial of a round of Live VIP Blackjack. This way you can see the table layout for yourself and understand a bit more about how the game is played in the live online version. Check out a round of Live VIP Blackjack below.


Live VIP Blackjack Side Bets

Below you will be able to find the most common side bets that can be placed in a Live VIP Blackjack game. Read them carefully to make sure you get the most out of your game play.

VIP Blackjack 21+3 Side Bet

For players betting on the 21+3 side bet, the dealer will immediately scan your two cards and their own up card to determine if you’ve formed a winning three card poker hand.

The paytable used by Evolution Gaming for 21+3 side bets can be reviewed on the table.

Suited Trips100 to 1
Straight Flush40 to 1
Three of a Kind30 to 1
Straight10 to 1
Flush5 to 1

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

When wagering on the Perfect Pairs side bet, the objective is to land a two-card starting hand which forms a pair (2 2, 5 5, A A, etc.). Once again, the dealer will settle any winning Perfect Pairs side bets immediately after distributing the two-card starting hands. This is the pay table used for Perfect Pairs side bets.
Perfect Pair (Suited Pair)25 to 1
Colored Pair12 to 1
Mixed Pair6 to 1

*A word of caution: finding a winning hand on either of these side bets won’t be nearly as easy in a live VIP Blackjack hand. Be sure to read ahead to the strategy section to see exactly how difficult winning a 21+3 or Perfect Pairs side bet will actually be.

Live Dealer VIP Blackjack Strategy

Live Dealer VIP Blackjack table layoutAside from the increased betting limits, Live Dealer VIP Blackjack by Evolution Gaming offers the exact same gameplay you’d expect to find in any eight deck shoe, dealer stands on soft 17 blackjack table live or online.

This means that the strategy for playing this particular variant remains identical to that used in traditional blackjack.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

The most commonly used strategy by any and all blackjack players would have to be the basic decision chart, which shows the player the optimal decision based on the different possible situations that can occur during a round of blackjack. By sticking to this strategy, players can greatly reduce the house edge against them, turning the cards in their favor. The table below can be found anywhere, and some online casinos even offer them to their players.

Basic Blackjack Strategy table 3D

Strategy Based on Deck Size

The Eight-Deck, Dealer Stands on Soft 17 house rules found at the VIP Blackjack tables are covered on Shackleford’s specialty page. Find the basic strategy chart near the top right of the page and you’ll have the perfect plays for VIP Blackjack right there in a handy color coded chart.

Stay Away from Side Bets

Savvy players should resist the temptation to splash around on the 21+3 or Perfect Pairs side bets. When you play Live Dealer VIP Blackjack’s base game using basic strategy, the house edge you’ll be up against stands at just 0.48 percent – well within the acceptable range for blackjack, and among the most favorable house edge rates of any casino game. However, the side bets offer a different story:

  • When you risk money on the 21+3 side bet, you’ll face a much steeper house edge of 3.70 percent.
  • The house edge on the Perfect Pairs side bet is even higher at 4.10 percent.

Players who prioritize strategy above pure gambling should always steer clear of these side bets, as you’ll always have a significantly better bet on the base game alone.

Higher Stakes Mean More Money Wagered

Real Money Games iconBankroll management strategy comes into play with a game like Live Dealer VIP Blackjack, because the $50 minimum betting limit can entice regular blackjack players into taking a shot. Within the world of gambling, nobody is immune to the pull of higher stakes, and if you find yourself consistently winning at the smaller tables, applying your skills with bigger bets on the line can seem like an obvious decision.

But take care to play within your limits, as the “swings” of variance will always have you alternating between winning and losing sessions. If you don’t have a big enough bankroll to survive these swings, taking a shot at the VIP Blackjack tables can turn disastrous quite quickly. When in doubt, simply play at the smaller limits and continue building your bankroll before moving on to VIP Blackjack.

Why Play Live VIP Blackjack

Evolution Gaming offers its industry-leading live dealer blackjack tables in a special VIP format. Live Dealer VIP Blackjack is available as part of the company’s overall philosophy of catering to specific player demographics. In a regular live blackjack game powered by Evolution Gaming, the minimum allowable bet can be set as low as $1, with a standard of $5, depending on the particular client casino’s house rules.

At a Live VIP Blackjack table, the minimum bet stands at $50, making this a great game for players who like higher bets. By increasing the minimum bet, VIP Blackjack ensures that only a select group of players will join the table.

The real money blackjack tables are streamed directly from the company’s VIP Red Room studio. As a live dealer game, VIP Blackjack connects players directly to human dealers who operate genuine blackjack tables and cards. With footage being live streamed from the studio to a player’s computer or mobile device, every hand plays out in real time, and players enjoy the peace of mind provided by real cards hitting the felt.

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