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Hawaii Casinos & Gambling
  • There are no forms of regulated and legal Hawaii gambling
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • Hawaii bans smoking in all public places
  • There are no forms of legalized online gambling in Hawaii

Hawaii is one state with no casinos, and does not allow any form of gambling. Utah is the other. Bingo is not even allowed. This includes charitable purposes. With no Hawaii gambling available, it is still great for tourists.

Hawaii is not anti-gambling, it simply does not want to compete with Las Vegas and other bigger gambling vacation spots. Most tourists do not go on vacation to Hawaii with the thought of gambling. Hawaii casinos would simply take money out of the local economy and be mostly funded by residents of the islands. There are services residents and tourists can use, like casino party and event centers. You can play casino games, but there is not real betting or money exchanged. Below you can use our Hawaii casinos map of services.

Hawaii does not allow casino cruise ships to operate from their state. Even though most states without gambling allow cruise ships to operate. Cruises that originate or end in Hawaii may not possess commercial gambling devices, including electronic casino games. Hawaii casino gamblers must go to the mainland to get any kind of gambling action.

Types of Online Hawaii Gambling Allowed

Online casino games illegalThere are no forms of legal online gambling in Hawaii, including online casino gambling. Daily fantasy sports are not even legal. Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin announced in January 2016 that daily fantasy sports were illegal in the state. Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro followed this up by sending cease-and-desist orders to FanDuel and DraftKings, ordering the two sites to stop accepting action from players in Oahu. DraftKings immediately complied with this order, something that shocked the daily fantasy sports industry as the site typically ignores these demands and challenged them in court.

Types of Live Hawaii Gambling

There are no forms of live gambling that are legal in Hawaii. The closest thing to it is home poker games. Bars may offer poker tournaments as long as there is no buy-in.

There are no Hawaii casinos on any of the islands. This is due to the fact that most tourists do not go to Hawaii looking to gamble, but rather enjoy any of the other amenities that the state has to offer. On top of this fact, Hawaii does not want to compete with the larger states where gambling is expected and anticipated when tourists travel to those locations, like Las Vegas.

Hawaii gambling lawsHawaii gambling laws are serious about not legalizing any forms of gambling. Promoting gambling in the first degree and possession of gambling records are both Class C felonies in Hawaii. Most other crimes in Hawaii gambling laws are considered misdemeanors. Hawaii gambling law defines gambling as a person staking or risking something of value upon a game of chance or upon any future contingent event not under the person’s control. Any material degree of chance is considered a wager under state law.

Most states without casinos permits boats to operate gambling as long as they go into international waters. Hawaii does not allow any casino cruise ships to do this. Any cruises that originate or conclude in the Hawaiian Islands are not permitted to possess gambling devices.

Where to Gamble in Hawaii

There is no gambling in Hawaii. Any Hawaii casino gamblers looking for these types of games must catch a flight to the mainland. The most popular destination is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Those that want the experience of playing casino games while in Hawaii can find these services. There are plenty of Hawaii casinos services, like party and event centers that offer the games, without the real money gambling being involved.

History of Gambling in Hawaii

Hawaii casinos historyGambling has never been a part of the culture in Hawaii. Some racetracks operated in the country before it joined the United States. There have been no forms of gambling in Hawaii since it became the 50th state in 1959. There have been few attempts to change this. One exception is online poker. A handful of Hawaii Assembly members tried to legalize online poker starting in 2008. This went on for six years until the effort proved to be futile. No attempt was made in 2015 or 2016.

Daily fantasy sports sites operated in Hawaii until 2016. In January of that year, Attorney General Doug Chin and his office released an opinion that stated daily fantasy sports is illegal.

“Gambling generally occurs under Hawaii law when a person stakes or risks something of value upon a game of chance or upon any future contingent event, not under the person’s control,” Chin said in a statement at the time. “The technology may have changed, but the vice has not.”

DraftKings left the Hawaii market within days. This was only the second time DraftKings obeyed an order from a state attorney general. The other state was Nevada. On the other hand, DraftKings decided to fight attorneys general in New York and Illinois. It is believed that DraftKings did not feel the Hawaii daily fantasy sports market was worth fighting to save due to its size. Football, baseball, and basketball are not nearly as popular in Hawaii as they are in most other states. The time zone and great weather are thought to be reasons for the lack of interest in sports in the state.

Hawaii Casinos & Gambling FAQ

Are there any casinos in Hawaii?

There are currently no casinos in Hawaii due to strict gambling laws.

Are casinos legal in Hawaii?

Casinos are not legal in Hawaii.

Is there any legal gambling in Hawaii?

There is no legal gambling in Hawaii. It is one of just two states without any forms gambling. Utah is the other.

Are there casino cruise ships in Hawaii?

No. Only ships that temporarily dock in Hawaii may offer gambling. Cruises that begin or end in Hawaii may not.

Is there a lottery in Hawaii?

Lotteries are illegal in Hawaii.

Are daily fantasy sports sites legal in Hawaii?

Daily fantasy sports sites are considered to be illegal in Hawaii.

Are Bovada, BetOnline or Winning Poker legal in Hawaii?

These sites and others like it are not legal in Hawaii.

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